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pebble stone production machine

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what is pebble stone production machine?

Pebble stone production machine is used to produce pebbly equipment and is used by more and more pebble stone manufacturers because of the wide application range of stones.

pebble stone production machine

pebble are widely used in public places such as interior decoration use such as administrative units, shopping mall, plaza, hotel, villa, garden decoration, garden decoration, miniascape vegetation outdoor decoration and other advanced superstructure. It has the ancient Oriental culture, and the western classic, elegant, back to the original artistic style. pebble stone production machine is also getting more and more attention, the machine USES waste material, can create the huge value of pebbles market, has very good cost performance.

pebble stone production machine usually a pebble polishing equipment, Polished pebbles are right after handpicking natural pebbles, after polished pebbles, more high surface finish, brightness is higher, and constant. Polished pebbles are popular among the many pebbles.

cobblestone making machine

cobblestone making machine

pebble stone production machine of utand

pebble stone production machine use hexagonal drum, inner drum with natural rubber lining wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, and prevent work damage. By motor driven pulley, the pulley driven rotating barrel level, speed between 33 ~ 50 r/min, commonly used in all kinds of hardware, electronics, plastics, jewelry and other parts to batch of feng, deburring, chamfering, degreasing, derusting and surface polishing.

1. Using the principle of centrifugal movement, the finishing efficiency is high and the efficiency is 5~10 times.

2. Suitable for large and medium sized pieces of workpiece light finishing, especially for the workpiece with special cavity hole.

3. Advantages of small noise and convenient operation. The barrel can be slanted at any time, with proper incline, so it is simple and convenient.

pebble stone production machine of utand inside of the barrel is not covered with inner lining, and its function is different, the inner liner is coated with rubber, which can be resistant to acid and alkali, wear-resisting and anti-workpiece collision.

utand pebble stone production machine is no lining inside the barrel, suitable for steel ball or steel products, because it can strengthen the cutting force and promote more effect. The barrel can be turned in any rotation, with proper incline, so it is easy to get down.

granite cobblestone making machine

granite cobblestone making machine

pebble stone production machine of utand grinding machine series, simple, convenient model, suitable for processing, and meet the economic machinery purchase cost. This machine is suitable for forging, casting and casting, and it must have strong cutting force.

utand pebble stone production machine Grinding work requires the use of black film, black head and fine grinding, chamfer polishing. According to its capacity, it can be divided into 100 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters, 400 liters, 500 liters, 600 liters, etc., and can be customized as required


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