gemstone polishing machine

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gemstone polishing machine

gemstone need polishing through the polishing machine. Next we will introduce the processing of the gemstone polishing machine.

gemstone polishing machine

When stone blocks are processed into wool or irregular products, they must be treated. There are various methods for stone surface treatment, such as polishing, grinding dumb light, brush imitation stone, fire burning, water flushing, acid washing, chopping axe and so on. The most used method is polishing and polishing. This article introduces some of the techniques in this field.

There are many kinds of material for grinding and gemstone polishing machine. There are polished and polished flat plates, arc panels, lines, irregular edges and so on. The polishing and polishing machine is divided according to its mechanical structure: there are many continuous automatic mills, hand mills and bridge type double head mills. The multi head continuous automatic grinding and polishing mill is divided into 20, 16 and 12 automatic continuous mills according to the number of grinding heads installed. There are two kinds of methods to divide the polishing machine.

according to the polishing and polishing products

gemstone polishing machine: mainly used for surface polishing and polishing;

arc panel grinder: mainly used for arc surface plate, polishing of elliptical panel material;

special-shaped line grinding and polishing machine: mainly used for line polishing and polishing;

grinding and polishing machine, straight edge grinding and polishing machine, curved edge grinding and polishing machine: mainly used for polishing and polishing the edges of plates;

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

rotary products polishing and polishing machine: mainly used for polishing and polishing of a kind of rotary products. Such as a cylinder and a sphere.

is divided according to the mechanical structure:

fully automatic continuous polishing and polishing machine.

full automatic multi head continuous plane plank grinder. This machine is a new type of plank sheet

gemstone polishing machine is especially suitable for grinding and polishing granite and marble flat plates. It can continuously and automatically finish the whole process of grinding and polishing plane plate. It has high production efficiency, uniform luminosity, high luminosity, high smoothness, uniform thickness and stable quality. It is suitable for large-scale production line production. This machine has the advantages unparalleled by other plank planer grinder, and has been in many stone enterprises in China. Promotion and use of industry.

gemstone polishing machine in addition to the upper plate and the lower board, the machine is operated by manual operation (it is understood that there is a more advanced automatic multi head continuous grinder in foreign countries. The upper and lower plates are all operated by machine). A series of operation processes such as polishing and polishing are completed automatically without manual operation buttons. Therefore, the machine has fewer operating personnel, higher working efficiency, lower labor intensity and better working environment.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

gemstone polishing machine

completes the whole process of grinding and gemstone polishing machine by CNC control system;

monitors the grinding head's rise and fall from the current monitor, the swing bridge and the conveyor belt. It can implement man-machine conversation very conveniently;

can send various instructions, parameters and operations to the machine conveniently through the keyboard of the machine;

has the function of automatic fault diagnosis;

can automatically record the production output of duty shift;

can observe the consumption of the last work through the monitor, remind the operator to change in time;

By operating the keyboard, the operation mode of the swing bridge and the lifting height of the grinding head can be selected. The operator can choose the most reasonable polishing and polishing mode through the keyboard according to the specific conditions of the stone surface, so that the polishing quality of the panel is the best.

gemstone polishing machine is mainly a horizontal type. At work, the worktable automatically turns a angle along the direction of the arc surface, and the grinding head runs along the bus line of the circular arc plate. After the grinding in place, the worktable will continue to turn one angle for the next work cycle. After finishing the entire arc surface, one end can finish grinding and replace the next abrasive to continue grinding. Hand grinding machine (with grinding plane plate, also grinding circular arc panel): grinding flat plate hand mill and grinding circular arc panel hand mill is different, it is grinding the arc panel grinding machine its worktable can be raised with a certain angle, the shaft end of the installation grinding head has a ball shaped anesthesia tool, in the grinding of circular arc panel. It swings along the arc arc. Grinding and polishing circular arc grips are two kinds of horizontal and vertical mills. Bridge type single head, double head automatic grinding and polishing machine (with grind flat panel, also have no, wear arc panel).

how to make a stone polishing machine

how to make a stone polishing machine

These two machines are mainly used for polishing and polishing irregular edges. The use of grinding and polishing wheels needs to be processed by the professional manufacturers of abrasive materials, but the quality of the polished polished wheel is still unsatisfactory. Therefore, this polishing and polishing technology has not been widely used.


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