artificial marble manufacturing process

artificial marble manufacturing process

artificial marble manufacturing process is highly automated, and the marble produced has good compressive strength and natural texture.
Recycling economy industry integrating the concepts of waste utilization, resource reuse, energy conservation and green production.

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artificial marble manufacturing process description

artificial marble manufacturing process is made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder, natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder, as well as a proper amount of flame retardant, color and so on. It is molded and solidified by mixing ingredients, ceramic casting, vibration compression, extrusion and other methods.

artificial marble making machine

artificial marble making machine

artificial marble manufacturing process is developed according to the problems in the actual use of natural stone. It has made great progress in moisture-proof, acid proof, high temperature resistance and patchwork.

artificial marble manufacturing process description

Of course, man-made things naturally have man-made shortcomings. Generally, man-made stone is not natural enough, and its texture is relatively false, so it is often used in places with higher practical requirements such as cabinets, and in some harsh environments, such as kitchens, washrooms, etc.; window sills, floors and other places with strong decoration are rarely used.

artificial marble manufacturing process video

This is artificial marble manufacturing process video of our client, show how to artificial marble manufacturing process?

artificial marble stone manufacturing process

Utand artificial marble stone manufacturing process

Utand Many kinds of artificial marble manufacturing process have been patented. The high-quality artificial marble can be adjusted manually, with various designs and colors, good flexibility, no obvious connection processing, strong overall sense, and colorful, with high hardness, no damage, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and easy cleaning.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery

However, in order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use inferior materials in the manufacturing process, containing formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, which not only pollute the environment, but also harm people's health. Today we will introduce a artificial marble manufacturing process

Utand artificial marble production process

1. Ingredients: mix 5 to 100 mesh white diamond or rosin jade powder and superfine calcium carbonate powder to obtain mixture a;

2. The mixture B was obtained by adding pigment to mixture a and stirring for 5 to 20 minutes;

how to make engineered quartz stone

how to make engineered quartz stone

3. Add transparent unsaturated polyester resin, initiator and accelerant to mixture B, mix and stir, then vacuumize, the vacuum degree is 6070cmhg, continue to stir until the material becomes lumpy, obtain mixture C;

4. Transparent nano SiO material is added into mixture C, stirred, vacuumized and then injected into the mold;

5. Place the injection mold in the vacuum chamber, vibrate and press to form;

6. Demoulding after curing, curing time ≥ h, curing after demoulding for 6 days:

how to make artificial marble

7. According to the requirements of the specification, cut, polish and finish the base material after demoulding to obtain transparent artificial marble.

UTAND artificial marble manufacturing process

Utand artificial marble process for machinery

Utand artificial marble manufacturing process equipment is simple and the materials are easy to obtain, which can be produced by using the existing equipment.

Transparent resin and transparent nano materials are used to solve the problem that traditional artificial marble can't transmit light. The basic color pigments can be adjusted at will. It's convenient to design transparent artificial marble with different texture and color.

artificial marble process for machinery

UTAND artificial marble manufacturing process is especially suitable for small and medium-sized stone factories. It can not only use waste stone, but also produce transparent artificial marble with high quality and low price.

The marble has high simulation degree, good toughness, granular structure, low resin content and can be processed into 0.8mm thin plate.

Utand artificial marble machinery manufacturer

A series of measures adopted in the artificial marble manufacturing process are conducive to improving the quality of the finished products;

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

for example, the stone materials are mixed with dry materials, and the water content is limited, and the materials are stirred, distributed and vibrated under vacuum to remove the water and low molecular compounds; some soft resins are used, which can be used as liquid fillers to reduce the amount of unsaturated resin .

Utand artificial marble machinery manufacturer

In addition,UTAND artificial marble manufacturing process can reduce the severity of polymer polymerization, appropriately reduce the rigidity of stone slab and increase the toughness to prevent cracks.

The cost is reduced and the benefit is remarkable. It has the advantages of light transmission, heat resistance, not easy to deform and aging, and the heat resistance can reach more than 70 degrees.

Utand artificial marble stone

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