engineered stone machine supplier

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engineered stone machine introduce

engineered stone machine is a special production equipment for artificial engineering stone production line, engineered stone machine including raw material mixing machine, production machinery and polishing cutting equipment.

engineered stone machine supplier

Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive. Nowadays, engineered stone machine products engineering stone are used for the raw materials of quartz, mainly due to its excellent performance and market recognition.

The first step in the production of engineered stone machine is the stirring of raw materials. The raw material is stirred by mixing the resin, coupling agent, curing agent and the color mixture in a special mixing barrel. Meanwhile, the prepared quartz sand and added particles are poured into another mixer. Finally mix the ingredients of the first two batches use engineered stone machine.

engineered stone forming technology is the most important step, after engineering ishihara material into the mold, vibration of pumping air into vacuum state, at the same time for the second phase of the vibration suppression of pumping air into vacuum state, forming technology used in engineered stone machinery is artificial quartz stone machine.

engineered stone manufacturing

engineered stone manufacturing process

engineered stone machine supplier

Utand is professional engineered stone machine supplier in China, the company covers an area of 300 mu, annual sales: 400 million, the number of employees: 300 people, focusing on the r&d and manufacture of a series of engineered stone production line engineering machinery, the whole of artificial quartz stone production line equipment, quartz stone plate, is a diversified manufacturing enterprises.

Engineered stone machine: supplier of utand has provides customers with all kinds of engineering machinery, engineering stone stone automatic polishing the entire line of more than 4000 article, main scope of business throughout the country provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Algeria, Israel, Greece, to help leah, Brazil, Iran, South Korea, India and southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In the field of large-scale engineering stone automatic production line, we are among the best in domestic similar enterprises in product r&d, manufacturing capacity and market share.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

After nearly 15 years of development, engineered stone machine supplier for utand products are becoming more and more perfect, with excellent performance, and have gradually become the leading manufacturer of polishing equipment. The company has trained a group of high-quality elite team, striving to perfect each process, ensuring that every product reaches 100% qualified factory


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