What are the basic classification of artificial stone?

2016-10-15 13:22:08  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1910)

Artificial stone there are five basic categories: ordinary plate, crystal jade stone, aluminum plate, compound yakeli board, pure acrylic board, quartz stone.generally Artificial stone can be divided into artificial acrylic and synthetic quartz.

Domestic outfit general choice has two kinds of artificial stone and natural stone. Natural stone will typically contain mineral metal radiation, the application in the open indoor or outdoor, the application of common bank hall or square at the hotel. Acrylic stone and quartz, there is no good or bad, ingredients constitute different characteristic difference is big, when the choose and buy, want to know what you think much of these materials which features, to make reasonable choice is yakeli or quartz.

What are the basic classification of artificial stone

acrylic stone as the main mesa material of ambry market, processing and aesthetically pleasing, mainly to do after the arc blocking water and absolute seamless splicing, and other stone processing, all of these are beyond the reach of quartz; In addition, acrylic stone, relative to the quartz, better toughness, especially pure acrylic optimal.

Advantages as follows: joining together seamlessly, better toughness, modelling changeable, color variety, color soft, problems are easy to repair. Use time is too long, to burnish can if brightness is new again.

basic classification of artificial stone

Drawback is: the hardness difference in quartz, bearing and deformation degree hard scratch resistance is slightly inferior to the quartz. Compound yakeli high temperature to 90 degrees, pure acrylic high temperature is 120 degrees. But not for a long time contact with hot objects.

3: quartz, the hardness and wear resistance is better than the acrylic stone, good heat resistance. Both quartz and acrylic stone, can get hot pot hot pot directly on the table, such as the instantaneous high temperature difference will lead to the two kinds of materials to produce localized heat bilges cold shrink, this will result in great changes of the local internal stress and the crack generation. Whether quartz or acrylic stone, if you don't use pot pad, cannot be directly placed on mesa high temperature object. And last, the area of contact with high temperature object and the other parts of the mesa area light and light color table color difference is produced.

Advantages as follows: the acrylic stone, high temperature resistant, scratch resistance, resistance to variant a bit better, higher gloss.

Drawback is: the design and color is less rigid, different modelling is not easy to processing, complex modelling is difficult, knock against collapse Angle is difficult to repair. The obvious effect of the joint.


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