stone turnover machine for sale

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what is stone turnover machine?

stone turnover machine also called 180 degrees hydraulic slab turnover equipment, use the disk reverse 180 degrees, a fully automatic control. For the Stone calibration and Stone Polishing of effection on thick plate, reduce artificial operation, improve the work efficiency.

stone turnover machine

stone turnover machine

stone turnover machine use walking through with electric, hydraulic system into gusset plate, rising, stage and decline, stacking, electric race to complete the online send plate and plate rolled off the production line; Can be configured for different race.

stone turnover machine use Single cylinder type for light machine, double cylinder for heavy machine; According to the line width, height, weight matching the agency action complete PLC control configuration (hand) or remote control, flexible operation, reliable, and no vibration1-3 tons

stone turnover machine for sale

utand stone turnover machine use pneumatic clamp device a fixed stone plate, 180 - degree circular turn-over device, drive motor power is: 0.75 Kw, utand stone turnover machine for sale to drive the roller automatic transmission plank, stepless transmission, power: 0.55 Kw, our stone turnover machine using rods galvanized pipe conveying plate, steel bar spacing is 300 mm, between steel tube rod Φ 90 mm in diameter.

Through more than 20 years of development, utand stone machinery has developed a collection of professional research and development, production and manufacturing, product sales of high-quality team, in mechanical design, parts processing, manufacturing, equipment installation and debugging, etc knowledge accumulated rich experience.

In the future on the road of development, utand stone machine as always, take the market as the guidance, management and technology simultaneously; Adhere to the pioneer, the spirit of innovation; In our efforts to pave the way for success for you, by our excellent equipment to achieve your development goals faster, higher, stronger!


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