stone polishing machine australia

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instructions for the operation of the stone polishing machine australia

The polishing machine is widely used in industrial production. Today we will introduce the operating instructions of the stone polishing machine australia.

stone polishing machine australia

The economic development of our country in the past few years, which is one of the effective efforts to promote the economic development of industrial industry has great significance, of which stone polishing machine australia is high energy efficiency stone equipment, in the industry is very widely used. Mechanical operation is a very important matter, and its impact on production efficiency and efficiency is very huge. What are the matters needing attention in the operation of the bridge type combination saw? Let's introduce the stone polishing machine australia:

1. check the power supply voltage and water supply system.

2. put the test piece on the worktable and use the clamp to fix the specimen.

3. shut down the saws and open the water supply system.

4. switch on the power, turn on the power switch, adjust the speed of the cutter according to the hardness of the specimen.

5. turn on the switch and start working until the sawing machine returns to its starting point.

6. close the bridge type combined saw and close the water supply system and remove the specimen.

In recent years, the continuous development of industrial industry in China is also very large. With the continuous progress of science and technology, stone processing equipment is constantly being widely used. stone polishing machine australia is a special equipment for stone cutting in stone processing equipment. But because the red line cutting machine needs to work for a long time Wear or failure often occur, so the use cost is the most concern of the user, so what should be done to minimize its cost?

First of all, we need to know that the saw blade is an important part of the infrared cutting machine, which directly affects the cutting of stones, and is the easiest part of the problem. The factors that affect the cost of the stone polishing machine australia include the composition, structure, physical and mechanical properties of the stone, the technical performance of the equipment, the technological performance of the saw blade and the selection of the sawing amount. Among these factors, the control of sawing dosage is artificial choice.

Therefore, improving the sawing technology of the infrared cutting machine is an effective measure to reduce energy consumption, sawing consumption and increase the sawing efficiency, so as to reduce the cutting cost. The sawing performance of stone is affected by mineral composition, structural structure and physical and mechanical properties of stone. Reasonable selection of sawing dosage can effectively improve the sawing efficiency, reduce energy consumption and saw consumption.

The above are some ways to reduce the consumption of the stone polishing machine australia. I hope these methods can solve some industrial losses and avoid unnecessary wastage.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

stone polishing machine australia

stone polishing machine australia is widely used in the industry, and is very popular among customers. Maintenance is an important work in mechanical production, and its impact on production is very huge. Good maintenance can be used more mechanically. So for infrared bridge stone cutting machine, how to maintain it? Here is an explanation for you.

The moving parts and driving parts of machine tools should be kept clean and lubricated for a long time. The dust on the surface of each part should be removed before and after each shift, and lubricant should be added. The contactor can produce relatively large noise when working. It can use dirt cloth and brush to clear dirt and rust on the surface of the magnet. When it is found that the contactor has obvious delay after cutting off the power supply, it can remove the dirt, dust, rust and other stolen goods on the surface of the magnet to restore normal. When the fault is eliminated, the relevant professional personnel should be excluded, and do not understand the personnel do not do it without permission.

In order to get better service, the warranty card of the machine must be kept well. In the future, when the machine fails to repair or replace the parts, every enterprise is insured according to the warranty card of the sawing machine.


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