stone calibration machine for sale

stone calibration machine for sale

stone calibration machine useful:
smooth and thicken the back of artificial quartz slabs, stone calibration machine for sale is an important part of artificial quartz stone production line.
4 scraper grinding heads
Working width of utand stone calibration machine:
thickness:600~2100(mm)* 8~40(mm)

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stone calibration machine description:

stone calibration machine is a special machine for processing stone of specified thickness. The stone calibration machine is generally divided into two steps: coarse grinding and fine grinding, and the stone is processed into the required thickness according to the process requirements by milling.

stone calibration machine product

The stone calibration machine can be generally divided into a disc type thickening machine, a gantry type thickening machine, a stone thickening machine, a single column type thickening machine and a double column type thickening machine.

stone calibration machine working principle

stone calibration machine is a stone processing machine. The stone calibration machine can work continuously without interruption, which can greatly improve the working efficiency. stone calibration machine includes: whole frame seat, carrier stone plate, shaving head support seat, milling head, main power motor and so on.

artificial stone production line

artificial stone production line

Since the circular saw saws the cut surface, the thickness of the sheet is uneven and the thickness is not uniform. Therefore, the flatness and thickness of the sheet should be treated before polishing, and the stone calibration machine is used for this function. The stone calibration machine has a one-time thickening and sweeping function for unequal thickness plates.

stone calibration machine Operation specification

Check stone calibration machine wiring inside and outside the cabinet, and connect the grounding wire of each device. Check if the position of each safety protection device (proximity switch, limit switch) is correct.

stone calibration machine Suppliers

Check stone calibration machine whether the waterproof cover is covered and buckled; check whether the motor and the equipment are stuck or not; whether the mechanical movement is stuck or not; whether the cutters, parts and fasteners are loose or not.

Test whether the conveyor belt is rotating normally or not, whether the belt is running off or not, and there is no debris on the belt.

stone calibration machine for sale Regularly add oil to the reducer, whether the lubrication points such as bearings are qualified; check whether the cooling water pipes are smooth, leaking, and the water volume is sufficient. Open the inlet pipe gate valves and adjust the water intake of each cutterhead.

When the plate is sent under the cutter holder, turn on the cutter start button to start the cutter drive motor. Press the cutter lower knob to lower the cutter. Pay attention to the lowering knob and observe the cutter. The amount, the audible sound, discriminates the amount of scraping.

used stone calibration machine

According to the seventh step, start the drive motor of each cutterhead in turn to see the scraping effect, adjust the scraping amount of each cutter disc reasonably, and after the scraping quality is stable, the belt speed can be appropriately accelerated (note: the speed of the cutter disc descending and the plate Distance, avoid scratching the belt).

stop sending the board in calibration machine empty the plate inside the machine; press the emergency stop switch; turn off the power supply, sluice. every eight hours off power to clean the fuselage dirt, debris, pay attention to not allow water to rush to the motor, electrical control panel, electric eye, etc. remove debris in the sewage ditch.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

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    stone calibration machine is a kind of processing the thickness of the stone or artificial quartz plate of special machinery.utand stone machinery is the best on the market of stone calibration machine factory

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    Stone calibration machine is the thickness of the stone plate processing and special equipment, used for the thickness of the slab production to the standard, has been applied to meet the demand

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    auto stone calibration machine calibration for all kinds of stone plate standard thickness, processing automatically by the CNC control system to the standard stipulated by the thickness

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    stone calibration machine developing rapidly.stone calibration machine is an indispensable equipment in the process of stone processing. The purpose is to use the milling way to process the stone according to the technological requirements to the required thickness


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