stone calibration machine development

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stone calibration machine development

stone calibration machine developing rapidly.stone calibration machine is an indispensable equipment in the process of stone processing. The purpose is to use the milling way to process the stone according to the technological requirements to the required thickness. It is mainly composed of a lathe bed, a belt roller, a fixed guideway, a movable crossbeam, a power head (milling cutter), and an electric control system. Milling mode can be subdivided into two kinds: planar milling cutter and cylindrical hob.

stone calibration machine development

1.Stone thickness: the plate is processed to standard thickness by special equipment, for example, the thickness is fixed by stone calibration machine.

2.The stone materials with high quality or high thickness need to be thickened. The thickness of the stone is not related to the type of stone. It is only related to the customer's quality requirements, whether it is granite, marble, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone and so on. As long as the thickness of the coarse processing thickness can not reach the customer's needs, it needs to be thickened.

3.As a high-grade building decoration material, stone calibration machine is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. At present, the common stones in the market are mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone is divided into two types: slate and granite according to their physical and chemical properties. The artificial stone is divided into terrazzo and synthetic stone according to the working procedure based on the stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

stone calibration machine background technology

In the stone processing, the process finally needs to be polished to the surface of the stone. Before the polishing process, the stone should be grinded to a specific thickness according to the technical requirements. The thickness machine will be used at this time.

The existing thickening machines are mostly discs or ribbons, placing stones on moving platforms, and grinding the upper surface of stones with the grinding wheels above the platform.

The processing platform is fixed in the production workshop, and the processing platform is provided with a transport roller. The processing platform is used for placing the stone to be processed, and the stone is moved from one end of the machining platform to the other end through the axial of the processing platform.

The grinding device is arranged in the middle of the processing platform. The grinding device has a stone door located at the lower part of the stone, and a grinding machine mounted above the stone door, and the grinding machine is arranged in parallel with a plurality of sand wheels.

stone calibration machine for sale

stone calibration machine for sale

The thickness gauge is set around the stone, and is used for stone grinding, thickness limit and marking.


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