artificial stone production line design

2017-02-04 08:29:49  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1708)

what is artificial stone production line?

Artificial stone production line is use quartz powder and all kinds of artificial quartz materials for mixing, vibration, pressure, vacuum molding,high temperature curing shapes etc. process machinery,eventually manufactured high quality artificial stone slab of equipment combination!

With the enlargement of the artificial quartz plate market, each stone factory begin of artificial quartz production line design, to production and processing quality of artificial stone. Artificial stone production line design is a very important step, good design, can make a simple and efficient production line, large production capacity, long service life, simple structure, easy maintenance, low operating cost, etc.

utand artificial stone production line design

Utand Artificial quartz stone production line design production since 2005, through the design of the continuous improvement, has successfully implemented more than one hundred design and operation of artificial stone production line, we have accumulated rich experience, also favored by the vast number of customers.Below to introduce the utand artificial stone production line design advantage:

  • 1, the manufacturers are strong

  • Company have a first-class technical talent and high-tech development workshop, from the design of the equipment, the production and manufacturing, to the later sales, all is by our company undertakes alone, not through other distributors, production capacity is very strong; In addition, in 30 years, factory continuously with Germany, the United States and Japan and other countries of advanced enterprise for friendly cooperation and exchange, the highest technical content, always maintain equipment ensure the quality of Artificial quartz stone production line, performance are excellent, the more trustworthy!

  • 2, artificial stone production line price affordable

  • utand artificial stone production line design price is very affordable, cheaper than other manufacturers will be at least 1-20000 , because the manufacturer is skilled, mature process, production equipment, the total manufacturing cost is low; In addition, the manufacturer customer interest, a single device of earned value is low, so the set of the market price, of course, also will be more lower.

  • 3,Perfect services of utand artificial stone production line

  • Utand stone machinery also very perfect, comprehensive after-sales service, from the device before buying technical guidance, in the purchase contract, equipment inspection, to late equipment installation, maintenance, maintenance of all services by our company is solely responsible for, absolutely let you easy of choose and buy, rest assured to use!

    Artificial quartz stone production line

    Artificial stone production line


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