engineered stone polishing machines

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what is engineered stone polishing machines?

engineered stone polishing machines is a professional equipment for polishing the surface of engineered stone. Through the engineered stone polishing machines can increase the brightness of the engineering stone and become the final decoration material.

engineered stone polishing machines

engineered stone polishing machines is used for continuous grinding and polishing of granite, marble slab and water grindstone. Adopt PLC control system, text display, realize intelligent control. The conveyor belt runs and the beam swings through the automatic control system to adjust the speed, the air pressure control the grinding disc lift, the pressure pressure of the size adjustable;

engineered stone polishing machines swing beam moves the grinding disc, and the movement speed is adjustable. Belt type plate workbench, belt speed adjustable, the polishing efficiency and high luminosity, USES the external cylinder, has a long life, low failure rate, less maintenance costs, non-friable plate, etc.

By changing the grinding head, engineered stone polishing machines can polish the lychee effect which is equal to the original stone material, and prevent slipping and absorbing water.

According to the different materials of raw materials, cobo hydraulic company has developed various types of continuous mills with 9-22 heads for different customers' choice.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

engineered stone polishing machines Supplier

engineered stone polishing machines is our development team in combination with the advantages and disadvantages of various types of stone polishing machine on the market to improve the design and manufacture of a new type of engineering stone processing machinery, due to the mechanical complete functions, convenient operation, balanced running, no vibration, low noise advantages, therefore put on the market after get to each manufacturer's consistent high praise.

our engineered stone polishing machines can polish artificial quartz, quartz, marble and so on carries on the thorough polishing on the surface of the plate, polishing with high efficiency, no scratches, long service life and low processing cost, used for decoration engineering effect is better, the more prominent.

how to make engineered stone

how to make engineered stone?

Utand stone machinery is professional engineered stone polishing those: supplier. Our polishing equipment adopts 7-inch touch screen full automatic control; Grinding head automatic lifting, with double cylinder structure, grinding head automatic lubricating device for the lubrication, at the same time each grinding head can also separate manual operation, each grinding head set alarm protection device, ensure that the equipment is normal and safety performance;


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