materials for making artificial stone

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Classification of artificial stone

artificial stone often referred to as artificial stone solid surface materials, artificial quartz stone, artificial marble stone etc. Artificial stone type is different, its composition is also different. Composition is mainly resin, aluminum powder, paint and curing agent.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

  • 1)resin artificial stone plate:
  • Artificial stone is "polymer polymers", usually based on unsaturated resin and aluminum hydroxide filler to advocate material, classics agitate, light, heating, such as polymerization process molding injection of polymer solid sheet ", generally called: "Artificial stone resin plate".

  • 2)acrylic artificial stone:
  • "methyl methacrylate (MMA) as the man-made stone material, also called acrylic artificial stone.

    machine for making artificial stone
  • 3)artificial quartz stone:
  • Is produced with the progress of human society, science and technology, and continuously improve a practical science of man-made stone material is mainly used in building decoration industry, it is a new kind of environmental protection composite materials.

    Compared with stainless steel, artificial quartz stone ceramics and other traditional building materials, artificial quartz stone not only functional diversity, color is rich, application scope is more extensive. Artificial stone non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, cyan permeability, antibacterial, mouldproof, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, changed shape.

    Artificial quartz stone production line

    Artificial quartz stone production line

    materials for making artificial stone

    materials for making artificial stone is quartz sand, artificial quartz stone is made up of more than 90% of natural quartz and 90% of pigment, resin and other adjustment of adhesive and curing additive.

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