stone cutting machine industry development

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stone cutting machine industry development

In China, the industrial added value of the light stone cutting machine is about 35% of GDP, and more than 1/3 of the gross national product is created by the light stone cutting machine industry.

stone cutting machine industry development

The Mechanical Science Research Institute put forward the technical system diagram of advanced lightweight stone cutting machine made up of multi-level technology groups.

The first level is high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and clean foundation light stone cutting machine technology. It is the core of advanced lightweight stone cutting machine technology. It is widely used in foundry, forging, welding, heat treatment, surface protection, machining and other basic processes.

The second level is the new technology of light stone cutting unit. This is a new light stone cutting machine, driven by market demand and new industry, and a new lightstone cutting machine, such as numerical control technology, cleaning production technology, robot technology, etc., combined with high and new technologies,such as electronics, information, new materials, new energy, environmental science, system engineering, modern management and so on.

The third level is advanced lightweight stone cutting machine integration technology. This is the application of information technology and system management technology, through the network and database to the above two levels of technology integration. Such as FMS, CIMS, IMS and virtual technology and so on.

Stone Cutting equipment

Stone Cutting equipment

stone cutting machine characteristic

In the advanced light stone cutting machine technology and its manufacturing trend, we point out the manufacturing trend and characteristics of eight aspects of advanced lightweight stone cutting machine technology:

①- the core of the light stone cutting machine;

②essence is the key to manufacturing;

③It is the focus of light stone cutting machine;

④Self - is the condition of manufacturing;

⑤Set - is the method of manufacturing;

⑥The network is light stone cutting machine manufacturing road;

⑦The Chi - is the prospect of manufacturing;

⑧The green is the inevitable light stone cutting machine manufacturing;

It also points out the eight aspects of the number, essence, extreme, extreme, self,collection, network,intelligence and green, mutual penetration, mutual dependence, and mutual promotion, forming a whole, and taking root in the theory and mechanism of studying and manufacturing "machinery" itself and "light stone cutting machine" itself; the technology of the eight aspects should be based on this theory and mechanism. Research, development and manufacturing should complement each other and serve for the manufacturing of light stone cutting machine.

(1) simple operation, environmental protection, cleanliness, convenience, professionalism, accuracy, high quality and high efficiency.

(2) we can cut all kinds of ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, stereoscopic bricks, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and flat glass.

Cnc stone cutting machine for sale

Cnc stone cutting machine for sale

(3) stone cutting machine equipment can not only smooth cutting, and improve the efficiency of more than 5 times, knife wheel life lengthening 2~4 times, cutting edge neatly, low cost, no noise, lightness, use and carrying are convenient, and thus welcomed by the majority of the builders.


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