Cnc stone cutting machine for sale

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Cnc stone cutting machine introduce

cnc Stone cutting machine is also called stone cutting equipment, which is composed of cutting tool group, cnc stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame.

Cnc stone cutting machine for sale

Cnc stone cutting machine by cutting knife set, stone transportation platform, positioning of guide plate and frame. Stone cutting machine made by iron is suitable for dry cutting, wet cutting all kinds of stone, building materials, ceramic tile, granite, marble, concrete, brick, brick, etc.,) is stone factrory essential tool.

Cnc stone cutting machine can be respectively to different depth of cutting processing of stone, can undertake processing to stone under less than 1 m3, can turn, greatly save stone resources, also conducive to protect the environment. But to mechanical cutting processing of various types of stone, cnc control high processing efficiency, combined with the effective use of small stones, the production cost is low.

Cnc stone cutting machine for sale have two kinds of supports on the table of table stone cutter ball screw. One is a single supported form; The other is the form of two ends. The form of the table stone cutter is clamped tightly into the outer ring of a pair of tapered roller bearings, which improves the rotation precision of the bearing, increases the rigidity of the bearing device, and reduces the vibration of the bearing when the machine works.

Stone Cutting equipment

Stone Cutting equipment

utand cnc stone cutting machine for sale

Utand Cnc stone cutting machine for sale has caught up with the international advanced level and fully meets users' needs and further enhances the market competitiveness. Utand some numerical control plasma cutting products have formed their own unique characteristics in many aspects, realizing "automation, multi-function and high reliability".

In some ways, Utand Cnc stone cutting machine for sale technical performance exceeds that of foreign products. Improve the production efficiency and cutting quality of nc cutting machine, reduce the cost of production and use, improve the automation level and system stability of the whole machine, and improve the function of the system as the direction of its technology development.

Utand Cnc stone cutting machine for sale high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean basic light stone cutting machine technology, it is the core of advanced light stone cutting machine technology. It is widely used in foundry, forging, welding, heat treatment, surface protection and mechanical processing.

Utand Cnc stone cutting machine use the new type of light stone cutting machine element technology. This is the market demand and emerging industries, light stone cutting machine and electronics, information technology, new materials, new energy, environmental science, system engineering, modern management, and other high and new technology combine to form a new light stone cutting machine, such as CNC technology, clean production technology, robot technology and so on.

Cnc stone cutting machine

Cnc stone cutting machine

Stone cutting machine equipment not only can smooth cutting, and improve the efficacy of more than 5 times, knife wheel life extension 2 ~ 4 times, cutting edge tidy, low cost, no noise, light, easy to use and carry, and welcomed by the masses of the eagerness.


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