natural stone polishing machine

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natural stone polishing machine for sale

Natural stone polishing machine is a machine that can polish natural stone. Natural stone polishing machine plays a very important role in the production of natural stone. After polishing, the stone is bright and natural.

natural stone polishing machine

The natural stone polishing machine has a long history. Since the human activities on the earth, there has been stone polishing, so that archaeologists divided the ancient human life into the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. In the Paleolithic age of 2 million 500 thousand years, stone tools are the main tools of human labor.

About 8,000 years ago, man began to use axes, gongs, chisels and shovels made of stone, discs cut and hammers, flakes and tools made of stone. Later, with the emergence of metal tools, mankind gradually mastered a variety of stone mining and processing methods.

At the beginning of natural stone polishing machine processing, the pendulum sand saw was used, the frame of the saw was hanged by rope, and the feed system was completed by gravity counterweight. The saw blade tensioning mechanism is pressed by wedge-shaped blocks. The abrasive is mainly made of river sand, which is made up of artificial sand and water. Sawing plates are small in size, uneven in thickness and large in surface roughness. The processing technology is relatively simple, the product is single, labor intensity is large, and the quality is poor.

Before the industrial revolution, all natural stone polishing was done by hand. It was not until the 19th century that the machinery for polishing stones was introduced in Europe, which revolutionized the industry. After the invention of stone machinery, the stone polishing process was freed from heavy manual labor. From then on, natural stone polishing began to develop from manual operation to mechanization.

stone tile polishing machine

stone tile polishing machine

With the development of stone processing equipment and tools, diamond frame sawing machine is used to process natural stone waste. The feeding mechanism and the tensioning structure are hydraulic, while the saw frame is translational. Granite frame sand saw adopts synchronous screw feed structure, sand adding system adopts automatic mixing sand blasting and water spraying system, polishing efficiency and processing quality are greatly improved.

natural stone polishing machine development

With the emergence of new technology, natural stone polishing machine has been continuously developed, and its processing technology has been constantly improved. With the development of stone processing from plate to special-shaped material, a series of special-shaped stone processing equipment, such as arc plate cutting machine, arc plate grinding machine, stone wire cutting machine, numerical control engraving machine, etc., appeared. With the development of science and technology, stone processing equipment is constantly improved and updated, from simple electrical control to PLC control and numerical control direction. Processing methods have also developed from mechanical processing to high-pressure abrasive water processing, laser processing, flame processing, sandblasting and so on. Auxiliary equipment also develops from single mechanical device to numerical control and intellectualization.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

In the middle of the 20th century, stone polishing equipment developed rapidly in Germany, France, Spain and other European countries, which promoted the technical progress of stone processing machinery. In the late 1980s, Italy became a developed country in the stone machinery manufacturing industry by virtue of its low cost and high quality. After that, many stone equipment enterprises were born in Asia, Japan, China, Taiwan and Mainland China.

Since 1980, China's stone machinery manufacturing industry has been continuously introducing and learning advanced national technology, and has initially formed a complete stone processing machinery manufacturing system. The gap between the manufacturing technology level and the international advanced level is rapidly shortening. China is gradually becoming a powerful stone machinery manufacturing country.

Stone can be divided into natural stone and artificial stone (also known as artificial stone) two major categories, stone is the high-grade building decorative materials products, natural stone is divided into granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, volcanic rock, etc., with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, artificial stone products are constantly changing, quality and quality. Beauty is not inferior to natural stone. With the development of economy, stone has already become one of the important raw materials for building, decoration, road and bridge construction.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery


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