stone waxing machine for sale

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what is stone waxing machine

stone waxing machine is the last process of the process of processing of stone surface processing or stone plate processing. Is one of the most important processes machine of stone care today.

stone waxing machine for sale

Stone waxing machine is a thin coating of acrylic resin and latex that is covered in the surface of the new stone material (cast light board), which is what we often call water wax or floor wax. The process of stone waxing machine making the resin coating is more polished with high speed and low pressure polishing machine to meet the friction of the fiber mat on the surface of the stone.

The wax layer on the Stone waxing machine polishing is attached to the surface of the Stone, a layer of resin film, which has no chemical reaction with the Stone itself. This wax-film layer can be used to peel off the wax film from the surface of the stone

utand stone waxing machine for sale

utand stone waxing machine for sale luminosity can reach 90-100 degrees, restore the luminosity of the stone material, realize the stone value reproduction. When the grain surface treatment, it can save time, effort, cost saving, more wear-resisting property.

quartz waxing machine

quartz stone waxing machine for sale

utand stone waxing machine Adopt the principle of centrifugal movement, remove rust, polish, shorten the burr, use the speed ratio 40.17 cylindrical gear reducer, the drum working speed is between 35 ~ 40r/min, only half an hour can be completed. Improve efficiency 6 ~ 10 times, save time and energy.

Utand stone waxing machine equipment operation is simple, easy to use, good adaptability for antifouling fluid, use the polishing abrasive such as nylon, wool polishing wheel, make whole surface coating is more uniform, simple sense is more transparent, brick surface texture have stereo feeling more


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