how to make solid surface

how to make solid surface

How to make solid surface is the first question that solid surface manufacturer should solve, utand tells you how to make solid surface with 15 years of solid surface production line design experience.
Manufacture solid surface includes MMA resin making system, mixing system ,casting system ,transport system ,and calibrating and polishing system.
220V or 380V

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What is solid surface stone?

If we want to learn how to make solid surface, we must first understand what is solid surface stone?

solid surface stone

solid surface is a kind of polymer composite, which is made of methyl methacrylate (MMA,), unsaturated polyester resin ((UPR)) and other organic polymer materials, with natural mineral powder, particles as fillers, pigments and other auxiliaries, vacuum casting or molding.

solid surface stone appearance surface is smooth, color beautiful, has certain transparency; has enough strength, stiffness, hardness, impact resistance, good scratch resistance; has resistance to climate aging, deformation and sudden cooling and heat; from bottom to surface solid, no pores, no dirt, easy to clean, long and often new.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

solid surface slabs seamless splicing, smooth and smooth surface; heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance; Can be cut and heated bending, shaping a variety of different shapes.

solid surface stone retains the nobility and elegance of natural stone, overcomes the defects of capillary, crack, color difference, radioactivity and so on, and quickly becomes an international popular high-grade environmental protection decoration material.

make solid surface stone factory

how to make solid surface video

This is our india customer's solid surface polishing line working video, is showed the detailed process of making solid surface. Welcome to our factory,We'll show you more details for how to make solid surface.

make solid surface countertop technical

make solid surface countertop technical control are as follows:

  • (1) the matching and mixing effect of resin and packing;
  • (2) the control of gel time;
  • (3) the effect of vacuum bubble discharge;
  • (4) the control of curing temperature and time;
  • (5) the post-treatment technology.
  • solid surface machinery

    solid surface machinery

    making solid surface countertop most important and basic molding process is the curing of resin, and the process of resin changing from liquid to solid can be completed without pressure and room temperature.

    From the chemical principle, it is the process from linear structure to body structure. After curing the resin, the liquid resin becomes a solid body structure, insoluble and insoluble crosslinked polymer, and has a certain strength, hardness and toughness.

    how to make solid surface countertop

    how to make solid surface video

    process of how to make solid surface

    process of how to make solid surface is more complex, and we can produce the solid surface stone with high quality as long as we have a good grasp of every process.

    process of how to make solid surface

    solid surface of ingredient process

    UTAND make solid surface process is necessary to pay attention to whether the addition of various raw materials is accurate in the preparation process. Because of the addition of the color paste, the base color, the particle, the filler and the top coat of the board can affect the high and low of the key process parameter viscosity, and the color is particularly important.

    solid surface manufacturing process

    solid surface manufacturing process

    otherwise the requirement of the customer cannot be met, and the application value is lost. The added filler is usually aluminum hydroxide, which is mixed with the UP resin, and the prepared table has an agate-like texture, and the color of the finished product is bright and is favored by the consumer.

    solid surface Defoaming process

    Because a large amount of gas is dissolved in the mixing process, if the bubbles inside the product cannot be excluded, the quality of the product will be affected, so the defoaming process is very important.

    make solid surface Defoaming process

    The defoaming is divided into two steps: primary defoaming and secondary defoaming. The first is a single defoaming, the concrete implementation method is to control the vacuum degree of 0.9~1 MPa in the vacuum mixing tank, in which the tiny bubbles are difficult to drain.

    In this how to make solid surface process, the viscosity of the system will be increased by stirring time, reaction time, and the level of viscosity will affect the quality of the plate. Viscosity too low will make particles precipitate, viscosity too high will make the bubble unclean so that the raw material after polymerization to produce a large number of pores.

    how to make artificial quartz stone

    how to make artificial quartz stone

    curing process for making solid surface

    make solid surface of curing process is carried out in the oven. It is the key to control the temperature of the oven, and the ambient temperature is also an important factor affecting the manufacture of artificial stone plate.

    Therefore, there is a certain difference between the oven setting temperature in winter and summer. In winter, the ambient temperature is lower than the polymerization time, the longer the liquid material viscosity is, so the corresponding increase of oven temperature can shorten the polymerization time (about 40 ℃).

    quartz slab plant machine

    quartz slab plant machine

    In summer, the temperature and oven temperature increase faster, so it is necessary to strictly control the indoor temperature and oven temperature to prevent the quality problems of the plate. The temperature of the plate from the oven can not reach the highest heating temperature, otherwise the plate will appear bow, crack, tortoise grain and other quality problems.

    The time of plate polymerization should also be strictly controlled, which will make the plate have "watermark" prematurely. When the plate is pressed with pressed plate glass, because the plate is not completely polymerized, in the later stage of polymerization, it is necessary to overcome the pressure of glass and overcome its own internal stress, there will be fine cracks.

    quartz waxing machine

    quartz waxing machine

    demoulding process

    The demoulding process is the process of removing the plate from the oven and removing it from the mold. When leaving the die, we should pay attention to observe whether the hardness of the plate can reach the degree that it can be separated from the die, leaving the die too early will damage the die to reduce the life of the die (made of fiberglass);

    quartz laminating machine

    quartz laminating machine

    solid surface plate is too party to cause the plate to bow up, so it is necessary to apply a certain external force to force it to shrink, and the plate should be pressed up with toughened glass after the plate is taken out, so as to maintain the smoothness of the plate to a certain extent.

    In conclusion, how to make solid surface of UTAND is not a simple technique, but it involves many comprehensive knowledge and high technical content, and must have rich professional knowledge and practical experience, well-known curing mechanism, material performance and process control to make the update, Better solid surface stone.

    utand how to make solid surface process

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