solid surface basin making

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solid surface basin making raw material

solid surface basin making is made from MMA, UPR and other organic macromolecule materials using artificial solid surface production line.

solid surface basin are easy to handle and are not easy to breed bacteria. solid surface basin are used more and more widely in modern society.

solid surface basin making

solid surface basin making is a kind of polymer composite material, which is filled with resin, natural ore powder, granules, pigments and other auxiliary agents, and is formed by vacuum casting or moulding.

solid surface basin making is made of high-grade resin and aluminium powder. After casting, the product is manually polished. It takes at least 3-4 days to polish a washbasin. Finally, QC will test it and pack it for shipment after confirmation.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery

solid surface basin making which is made of fine workmanship, beautiful, generous and reliable quality, smooth and delicate, no bubbles, bright and easy to maintain; durable, heat preservation is very good, acid and alkali resistance is good, easy to install.

solid surface basin making specifications can be made according to customer drawings or physical models, plastic bags + foam board + carton packaging. Most of the colors are white, and other colors can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

UTAND stone machinery specializes in the production line of solid surface basin making. Our production line produces solid surface basin whichi is fashion, avant-garde, high-end, exported to various countries and regions.

solid surface basin making character

solid surface basin is green and environmentally friendly. Aluminum hydroxide powder is used as filling material. It will not emit any odor and is healthy and radiation-free.

solid surface basin is anti-fouling and anti-corrosion. It has chemical corrosion resistance and low water absorption. The water absorption rate of artificial stone is 1% of natural marble. After vacuum treatment, it is compact and porous.

automatic quartz stone production line

automatic quartz stone production line

solid surface basin is easy to splice, seamless: seamless splicing nature makes artificial stone products exquisite, bright and uniform.

solid surface basin is flame-retardant and heat-resistant. Because of its mineral filler, it has good flame-retardant function.

solid surface basin has high toughness and elasticity: Artificial stone has good toughness and is not easy to break; when heated to a certain temperature, it can bend moderately.

It can be used for carving, drilling and inlaying, or mixed construction method to grind into various laces, which is suitable for processing complex works of art and other objects.

solid surface basin installation is easy, artificial stone weight is only half of marble, whether transportation or installation, are very easy and convenient.

solid surface production line manufacturer

solid surface production line manufacturer

solid surface basin making is rich in colour, through the careful preparation of colour paste, all possible colours can be blended.


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