quartz slab machine

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what is quartz slab machine?

Quartz slab machine is the wide name of making quartz slab equipment, which usually refers to the various devices that produce artificial quartz plates, or the combination of devices that make up the artificial stone production line.

quartz slab machine

Quartz slab is a kind of sheet material which is made by using some materials through negative pressure vacuum and strengthening the temperature. The plate is hard and the structure is well-proportioned.

Quartz slab is a very ideal material. Its use is very extensive, including ambry mesa is one of the main purposes, and is the ground, metope, film and television wall, etc., its color is rich, more consumer choice.

artificial quartz slab Characteristics are very obvious, is a lasting bright surface, will not lose its luster, the other long strong wear resistance, not to spend, and has good resistance to dirt ability, also has the very good anti-aging effect, use for a long time will not fade, non-toxic, no radiation, is the modern family of choose and buy a nice new stone.

quartz slab production line

quartz slab production line

utand quartz slab machine

quartz slab machine of utand all use CNC control system can improve the production efficiency, the quartz slab equipment is more accurate, the service life is longer, the maintenance is simpler.

utand quartz slab machine After more than 24 years of development production experience, and formed its own perfect production system, production of products in line with the actual situation of the domestic production, a better service to the user.

our quartz slab machine use advanced production line and modern testing technology, can produce and test products, security products superior performance, and equipped with large-scale production equipment, security of production process, make utand products of good quality and let the user use value products.

Choosing a good manufacturer can help users create more profit. If you have any further questions about quartz slab machine, please welcome to our factory site reference for the production line case, look forward to your presence.

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone


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