China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand

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China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand introduce

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand is a specialized manufacturing enterprise for research and development, production of stone processing equipment and processing components.

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand

In the process of stone production and processing, it is necessary to saw the stone into slate through mechanical equipment, and then smooth the surface of slate, and then stack up the processed slate block by block.

in order to facilitate storage and handling, and to prepare for the subsequent processing. In the processing of the surface of the slate, after the front machining of the slate is completed, the slate needs to be turned over in order to smooth the reverse side of the slate.

At present, the method of turning stone is artificial flipping. Because of the large area and weight of slate, the labor intensity of artificial flip is large, the working efficiency is low, and if manual flip is not careful,it may break the slate or hurt the workers, so there is a hidden danger of safety.

Quartz slab polishing line

Quartz slab polishing line

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand can replace the manual turning of the slate in order to improve the working efficiency and safety.

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand is mainly used for automatically turning the plate-shaped stack material by 180 DEG during the production process, has the characteristics of stable operation, safety and reliability, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption and the like.

Is a necessary auxiliary equipment for punching an automatic production line, not only can reduce the surface scratch of the sheet, improve the product quality, simultaneously reduce the labor intensity of the operators, and improve the production efficiency.

180 Degree stone Turnover Machine Manufacturers180 Degree stone Turnover Machine Manufacturers

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand can adapt to the turning requirements of the goods with different specifications, and realize the horizontal conversion or the vertical conversion to the horizontal operation target.

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand development

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand is widely used in metallurgy, stamping, rolling gold, die, paper making, cold storage, steel belt, wire coil, barrel material, rolling stock and other industries.

The turnover machine avoids the potential safety hazard caused by the turnover of the forklift or the crane, and is the best choice for you to increase the working efficiency and ensure the safety of the operation of the workers.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

With the progress of the times and the development of society, in the engineering construction, the more and more complex projects have higher and higher requirements for the China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand,which puts forward higher requirements for the design and manufacture of the flip machine, especially the strict prohibition of overload in the process of operation.

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand is characterized in that it includes a flip fixing frame and a flip motor mounted on the flip fixing frame, and a slate positioning frame mounted on the lower inner side of the flip fixing frame through the central shaft;

the central shaft runs through the turning fixing frame; the central shaft is arranged with the worm turbine mechanism installed on the outside of the flip fixing frame; and the worm turbine mechanism is installed to the turning motor through the transmission shaft.

quartz slab plant machine

quartz slab plant machine

China Stone Turnover Machine Suppliers of utand development and social fixed assets investment is highly related, especially with infrastructure construction, stone development projects are closely linked. Therefore, the prosperity of the industry is highly correlated with the real economy, and has obvious characteristics of cyclical industries.


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