quartz stone slabs making machinery

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quartz stone slabs machine introduce

quartz stone slabs machine is the processing equipment that makes quartz slabs, which usually refers to all the equipment of the whole artificial quartz stone production line, and also mainly refers to its most core equipment the artificial quartz stone slabs press machine.

quartz stone slabs making machine

quartz stone slabs machine Repair and replacement parts are more convenient, compared with the lower vibration press, the maintenance time is shortened from the previous days to the present hours.

Artificial quartz stone slabs characteristics are very obvious, is a lasting bright surface, will not lose its luster, the other long strong wear resistance, not to spend, and has good resistance to dirt ability, also has the very good anti-aging effect, use for a long time will not fade, non-toxic, no radiation, is the modern family of choose and buy a nice new stone.quartz stone slabs machine have received a lot of attention and sales are very good.

quartz stone slabs machine making product density is improved, the resin content is reduced and the porosity is close to zero, The level of flatness increases and the loss decreases; The cost is relatively low by using the leveling, and the loss margin of the cutting edge is lower

quartz stone slabs making machine

quartz stone slabs making machine

utand quartz stone slabs machine

quartz stone slabs machine has Hydraulic station (including imported plunger pump), lubrication pump station, hydraulic cylinder, gas path system, vacuum pipeline, pressing suppression chamber, compressor, vacuum unit, water cooling system, etc.

quartz stone slabs machine of utand adopt new one-piece oscillators, and three oscillators combination way, because they do not need to use drive belt and synchronizer, reduced the point of failure, reduce the wearing parts replacement part, improved the frequency of compressor production.

utand quartz stone slabs machine of can reach 70-120 tons of shock force (advice can be transferred to the 90-100 tons of shock force), than the old compressor shock force of 50-60 tons of pressure increased by more than 30%, so that a block of time from suppression less time 900 seconds from 600 seconds of time, the whole process of suppressing a shorter time, increase the capacity.

Because of artificial quartz stone slabs pressing machine shock force increases, quartz, usage in different varieties have different degrees of reduce, we have the production of artificial quartz slabs compressor lubricating oil station auxiliary lubrication, cooling, water cooling system, the use of more security press quality and longevity.


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