Engineered Stone making machine

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Engineered Stone making machine introduce

Now the engineered Stone making machine is getting more and more advanced,today UTAND STONE MACHINERY introduce how to operate engineered Stone making machine

Engineered Stone making machine

Quartz sand is a quartz grain made from broken quartz. Quartz stone is a nonmetallic mineral. It is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral. Its main mineral composition is SiO2. The color of quartz sand is milky, or colorless and translucent, the hardness is 7, and quartz sand is an important industrial mine. Material raw materials, non chemical dangerous goods. Widely used in metallurgy, glass, construction, chemistry, grinding and other industries.

Metallurgical Industry: Engineered Stone making machine is mainly used for making refractory materials silica brick, metallurgical silicon alloy (ferrosilicon, silicon manganese, silicon inscription) and solvent. Pure crystalline silicon is made of pure and pure. Crystalline silicon is the main raw material for producing monocrystalline silicon, and can also produce silicon aluminum and organosilicon.

Glass industry: Engineered Stone making machine is the main raw material for making glass, accounting for more than 70% of the other ingredients. The grain size of quartz sand is controlled between 0.5-0.1mm, so that when the quartz sand is smelted, the other ingredients can be stirred more evenly, thus improving the quality of glass.

Glass products industry in the field of building glass, daily glass, technical glass and so on. In the type of building glass, it is mainly used to make various kinds of flat glass, wire glass, embossing glass, glass brick, hollow glass and foam glass. The quartz sand in the type of daily glass is used to make various kinds of packaging bottles and Glassware (such as beer bottle, glass, thermos bottle, ornament); quartz sand in technical glass type It is mainly used for manufacturing optical glass, glassware, glass fiber, conductive glass, and glass Buji radiation special glass.

Construction industry: quartz sand can be an important building cornerstone. The gravel can be used as a road filling stone and a railway ballast. The mixture of sand and asphalt can be paved, quartz can also be used as the correction material for Portland cement, as well as sand cement, cementitious material, artificial marble, aerated concrete, and ordinary products.

Chemical industry: quartz sand silica can produce various silicides and silicates and nitrates, which can be used as filling materials in acid resistant sulfuric acid tower. It can also produce sodium silicate, silica gel, desiccant and petroleum refining catalyst. Make outer wall graffiti, road paint and so on.

Grinding industry: Engineered Stone making machine and quartzite can be used to make abrasive materials such as grindstone, oil stone, sand paper and silicon carbonate; quartz sand is also used for sawing stone, polished glass, grinding metal products and stone products, and quartz is also used for jewelry.

artificial quartz stone machine

artificial quartz stone machine

The above is the detailed information about the application of Engineered Stone making machine in the industry, and I believe that the development of quartz sand will be more brilliant in the near future. Our company specializes in customized quartz sand production line, sheet sand production line, quartz powder production line, quartz drying machine. Welcome to come and buy.

Engineered Stone making machine choose

The choice of Engineered Stone making machine generally, as long as the hardness is enough, any color, appearance and granularity of the board can be used (particle size does not exceed the thickness of the plate 1/2). High purity quartz can produce pure color boards, such as pure blackboards, pure white boards, etc. Ordinary quartz sand: white weathered particles should be few, black and brown particles as little as possible. Selected quartz sand: sand is spread on a flat surface, and black or other colored particles are less than.

Resin: unsaturated polyester resin, polymer solid content: about 65%, appearance: colorless, light green, light yellow transparent, the best used for artificial stone resin, this kind of resin shrinkage, plank level is good, no deformation or cracking; and try to choose low viscosity of the tree fat, the use of this resin is relatively low.

Pigment: in the process of selecting raw materials for artificial quartzite, inorganic pigments are selected as far as possible to ensure the weatherability of materials. However, organic materials such as carbon black and scarlet are also available for weather resistance. The commonly used pigments in quartzite production are R902 white, 4920 yellow, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue, permanent violet, red powder, permanent red, 4330 black, carbon black, BK03 special black, etc. In the production of artificial quartzite, there are two kinds of color additive: one is to add the resin to prepare the batter and then used again; one is directly added to the sand powder and is used after mixing. The uniformity of pigments should be ensured by the latter adding method.

engineered stone machine supplier

engineered stone machine supplier

Curing agent: the necessary auxiliary agent for Engineered Stone making machine.Generally artificial quartz stone is formed by high temperature curing. Curing agents are substances or mixtures that enhance or control the curing reaction of resins. Resin curing is a process of irreversible changes in the thermosetting resin by condensation, closed loop, addition or catalysis, and the curing is done by adding a curing agent. Generally used peroxide two ethyl hexanoate butyl ester curing agent, curing agent generally use resin content of 0.8%~1.2%.


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