stone polishing tumbler machine

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stone polishing tumbler machine for sale

stone polishing tumbler machine is a machine that polishing tumbler stones. After polishing tumbler, stones will have smoother edges.

stone polishing tumbler machine

stone polishing tumbler machine Rough grinding:Require deep cutter consumption, high grinding efficiency, rough grinding lines, rough grinding surface, mainly remove the saw blade traces left in the previous process of stone and grind the flatness of stone, shape surface in place.

stone polishing tumbler machine Semi-fine grinding can remove rough grinding marks and form new fine lines, which can make the stone surface smooth and smooth.

stone polishing tumbler machine fine grinding, fine grinding stone surface patterns, particles, color has been clearly shown, the surface is delicate, smooth, began to have a weak gloss.

stone polishing tumbler machine using special stone polishing machine, make the stone surface smooth as new, its gloss can reach 85 degrees or more.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery

stone polishing tumbler machine application

Nowadays more and more people like to play with stones, which is what we usually call strange stones. Qishi is a very good collection in nature. More and more people are interested in Qishi. But now the Qishi on the market are polished and tumblered

Stone polishing tumbler is also very exquisite, and now many stones are of very high collection value, it is also one of the high-level collections. However, the newly discovered stones have a lot of texture and soil, and need to be polished to clean the stones. When cleaning and polishing the stones, we must pay more attention to the texture of the stones, otherwise the stones will crack.

UTAND's stone polishing tumbler machine are stable in quality and reasonable in price. stone polishing tumbler machine are exported to various countries and regions. Welcome to order.


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