Type and innovation of artificial quartz machinery

2017-08-17 13:54:37  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1671)

artificial quartz machinery tyep introduce

artificial quartz machinery today there are a lot of different kinds, more automation, more diversified, intelligent, more efficient, more versatile, and better for human services.

Type and innovation of artificial quartz machinery

Artificial Stone machinery and other machinery industry is undergoing rapid change, today, stone machine in many species have more progress than before, such as processing of granite sand saws, has developed to the processing of 7 m wide, the clamping four standard block at the same time, the article has 230 saw blade, 24 h for processing 3500 m2 efficiency ,The technology of rope sawing machine and diamond beaded rope mining is mature.

Foreign stone processing equipment to diversify, multi-model development; The promotion and use of stone processing center with a variety of tools provide the means for the innovation of products; The introduction and application of stone CAD design software provide rich and colorful forms and patterns for the decoration and decoration of stone. The stone material is ultra thin, the large equipment also is developed, make the specification size of the new product more suitable decorate the requirement of decorate

New and convenient stone decoration decoration machinery, tools are more widely used to decorate the scene; Stone cleaning, protection and adhesion machinery become the new application fields of stone chemistry;

artificial quartz stone machinery production equipment has realized localization, promoted the utilization of resources, and also promoted the use of artificial synthetic stone field development.

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

innovation of artificial quartz machinery

The development of artificial quartz stone equipment, will be to develop more diversified, high efficiency, precision, automation, line direction, the direction of mining machinery to diamond wire saw machine, large cranes, long mast rig to adapt to the modern stone production efficiency development;

artificial quartz stone production line development, continuous processing of large sand stone sawing frame saw, cutter, cutting machine, continuous mill and surface processing equipment, special processing machine, engraving machine, machining center and so on will be favored by the users.

The decoration machinery presents a trend of miniaturization, portability and diversification. Stone maintenance machinery for miniaturization, special purpose, high efficiency, portable development; Stone inspection instruments and equipment to more professional, standardized, general use, miniaturization, intelligent direction development.

The decoration and decoration of stone material will be developed to computer, database and network, and the combination of corresponding equipment, instrument and technology will be the important development part of future stone software science. The development of these stone machinery will promote the stone industry to move to modernization more quickly, make stone material this traditional industry continuously presents new era breath


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