stone slab waxing machine

2017-06-26 14:32:51  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1678)

stone slab waxing machine introduce

stone slab waxing machine is applied to all kinds of stone boards to decontamination, board of various wax is seal stone slab surface several small holes, invisible to the naked eye to prevent polluted by dust and stains penetration, so as to prolong the service life of the slate.

Stone polishing machine is the necessary equipment of polishing line, brighten the polishing equipment before leaving the factory. By waxing, it can greatly increase the smoothness of SLATE products and unify the high quality of products.

stone slab waxing machine

stone slab waxing machin used professional wax machine and advanced stone care wax to wax stone material, polishing with high speed polishing machine to achieve smooth and bright effect

stone slab waxing machine of utand

Utand stone slab waxing machine is a kind of equipment for coating the surface of man-made stone board with anti-fouling wax, which has a strong effect on anti-fouling.

stone slab waxing equipment operation is simple, easy to use, good adaptability for antifouling fluid, the wool polishing wheel polishing abrasive, make whole surface coating is more uniform, simple sense is more transparent, brick surface texture have stereo feeling more.

Utand stone slab waxing machine low processing cost, low consumption of mold materials and anti-fouling fluid. low energy consumption, the transmission assembly adopts small power motor polishing process to reduce energy consumption.

Utand stone slab waxing machine The surface of the plate can be evenly applied. The operation is simple, moments that make you feel the different feeling. The machine with frequency conversion, transmission speed can be adjusted, wax dripping speed is adjustable. To solve the disadvantages of artificial wax uneven.


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