solid surface production plant

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solid surface production plant factory

solid surface production plant is used to produce artificial stone equipment, the structure is more complex, the design is more ingenious, the whole line power is 612 KW. At present, different manufactures of solid surface production plant, although the shape and structure are different, but its use and principle are consistent.

solid surface production plant

Man-made quartz board line equipment is a fully automatic line equipment specializing in the production of man-made quartz board, mainly composed of raw material batching system, weighing and distributing system, mixing system, pressing and molding system, heat curing system, cooling and conveying system, electrical control system and so on.

batching machine: good mixing uniformity, diverse colors and high efficiency.

distributor: the density of the board is high and the quality is good.

press: rapid compression molding.

curing furnace: rapid hardening to overcome deformation.

dry polishing line: dry polishing technology, fully automatic intelligence.

controller: PLC touch screen, fully automated production.

solid surface production plant Output: annual output of not less than 400 thousand square meters, 3~4 times that of peers.Compressed air pressure of gas source: 0.7 ~ 0.8MPa.

Terrazzo floor is a kind of composite ground material with cement as the main raw material. It is widely used in large-area public buildings for its low cost and good performance. With the continuous development of the construction industry, more and more enterprises and industries are applied to artificial stone. According to the statistics of relevant state departments, the use area of terrazzo in public buildings in China exceeds 6 billion square meters, including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, government organs, schools, commercial places, airport stations and wharfs. The greatest advantage of terrazzo floor is damp-proof, March back south weather can maintain very dry ground.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

solid surface production plant design

high-grade terrazzo, high brightness after surface polishing up to 70, dust-proof and skid-proof to marble quality;

terrazzo, surface hardness reaches 6-8 level;

terrazzo, optional splicing color and color can be customized;

does not crack, is not afraid of heavy car rolling, is not afraid of heavy weight drag, does not shrink deformation;

has no dust and high cleanliness; cleanliness meets the requirements of high clean environment such as pharmaceutical and chip manufacturing;

non combustible, non ignition, aging resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, no odor, no pollution;

solid surface production plant design is bright and bright. If you want to improve the brightness and polish the floor wax (do not affect its antistatic performance),

decorative grid bar is horizontal and vertical. There is no need for clearance between the grid bars, the connection is dense, and the overall beauty is good;

The building performance and mechanical properties are the same as those of the high quality terrazzo floor used in various buildings. It meets the requirements of GB 50209-2002 and JC507-1993.

solid surface production plant is undoubtedly of great economic significance to use the huge amount of waste produced by mining natural stone as the main raw material of man-made stone, turn waste into treasure to produce man-made stone, and produce more building decorative materials than natural stone. The industrial clusters formed around the development of man-made stone industry can absorb a large number of people employment and promote the development of regional economy undoubtedly have great social significance; the concept of environmental protection of the mode of production advocated and highlighted by man-made stone is of great significance to the social progress and the concept of circular economy.

Stone mining brings more than 70% of the waste rocks. The disposal of these waste rocks or the occupation of land for stacking or landfilling destroys a large number of valuable land, making stone resources become a major environmental hazard. Except for producing some handicraft, colored stone sand and high whiteness marble waste to produce some light and heavy calcium carbonate, there is no effective and economical way to utilize the waste stone.

Scattered rocks and debris can be seen everywhere in the mining areas for decades, filling the valleys, destroying the environment and easily forming debris flows. The rise of artificial stone industry has found a way out to solve this problem thoroughly. The development of man-made stone industry does not directly consume natural resources and does not damage the natural environment. The industry makes use of a large number of waste rock resources which are difficult to be effectively treated when natural stone is mined. Its production mode is environmental-friendly.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

Man-made stone production does not require high-temperature polymerization, there is no need to consume large amounts of fuel and exhaust emissions. Therefore, man-made stone industry is a promising new building decorative materials industry, has a broad space for development, the current conditions for vigorous development of man-made stone industry has been met, man-made stone industry will certainly get rapid development.


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