quartz stone press machine

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what is quartz stone press machine?

quartz stone press machine is a special machinery and equipment, manufacturing artificial quartz plate is artificial quartz pressure molding equipment system of systems, with a quartz molding pressure. quartz press the pressure stand, vibration head, vacuum system, automatic pressure system, electric control system, automatic roller conveyor system, quartz stone press machine can suppress the thickness of the plate can be changed from 8 mm to 30 mm, strong vibration effectively, board density, molding equipment is high efficiency and energy saving.

quartz stone press machine

quartz stone press machine

quartz stone press machine pressurized cylinder to press the head to the raw material, the pressure head oscillators driven pressure head with high-frequency vibration, and regularly pressurized cylinder pressure, and density of the slab is obtained. quartz stone press machine guarantee in the process of crushing quartz stone, head is always maintained a strong downward force, effectively reduce the resin content of quartz stone, reduces the manufacturing cost, artificial stone press mainly by mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and fully automatic control part, quartz, compressor to ensure quartz stone slab under the environment of high vacuum and high frequency vibration form quickly.

How to use quartz stone press machine?

quartz stone press machine equipment have always had an irreplaceable role in the field of synthetic quartz, quartz mixer, quartz trimming machine, etc., but artificial quartz stone press machine equipment in use must pay attention to the use of equipment maintenance and maintenance so as to let the artificial quartz stone press machine better play a role, prolong the service life of quartz press equipment.

quartz stone press machine

artificial quartz stone press machine Must strictly according to the requirement of the lubrication oil in oil, all kinds of fasteners should be inspected regularly whether there is loose phenomenon, should ensure that fastening, in replacement of diamond circular saw, to test for a saw blades face runout, new saw blade can not be more than 0.8 mm, the complex welding blade must not exceed 1.5 mm. Check whether the tightness of triangle is moderate, with and without sliding phenomenon, whether ageing. If sometimes should be adjusted or replaced.

Check whether centralized lubricating oil road unimpeded for artificial quartz stone press machine, often check the control cabinet electrical components, wiring screws are loose phenomenon, the action is sensitive and smooth to the center of gravity is correct when cutting waste, waste material must be left at the bottom of the 10 to 40 mm, to check whether there is leakage, spindle box found sometimes should immediately find out the reason, take measures, and to change oil, check whether the electrical safety grounding.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line


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