artificial quartz stone polishing machine

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artificial quartz stone polishing machine introduce

artificial quartz stone polishing machine is a very important processing process in the artificial quartz stone production line, which is to polish the artificial quartz slab and improve the brightness of the quartz plate.

artificial quartz stone polishing machine

artificial quartz stone polishing machine is a kind of large and high efficiency professional machine equipment which can be leveled and polished at the site after artificial quartz stone installation and construction of the wool board stone.

artificial quartz stone polishing machine is the extension and operation transfer of stone grinding and polishing machine, which is the development trend of stone processing and nursing industry.

Most stone manufacturer of artificial quartz stone polishing and grinding can be threw or walking the polishing machine play slow work, the work into stone installation site, both in the processing workshop to reduce the unnecessary stone material processing cost, and can extend its service, the formation of stone processing, installation, care of one-stop service mode, service upgrade.

Installed stone site leveling, polishing and nursing is the trend of The Times, can be accounted for more than 98%, especially the ground marble and artificial quartz stone installation is completed after the field leveling, grinding, polishing, this a few stone care upfront process appears to make the polishing is wasted.

Thus, as people to the flatness requirement of the ground after the stone installation under the condition of more and more high, stone factory part of the stone polishing work can abandon, can come to the polishing stone installation site, both meet the requirements of the people of stone material surface roughness, provided a solid foundation for stone crystal face processing at the same time, for stone factory or decoration company to develop value-added services.

Stone Polishing Machine

artificial quartz stone polishing machine for sale

artificial quartz stone polishing machine adopts precision steel gear change, and the motor power is 7.5. The motor power is 100% at work, different from the frequency converter, which can avoid burnout caused by overheating of the motor. The stone polishing machine has solved the needs of the multi-functional machine equipment, which is made by a machine in China, which can quickly finish the cleaning, leveling, polishing and polishing of stone floor.

artificial quartz stone polishing machine of utand

artificial quartz stone polishing machine of utand main pneumatic components adopt the Taiwan yad brand, the structure is compact, the performance is stable. The processing speed is improved and the working efficiency is multiplied. This machine is used for polishing the surface of granite slabs.

utand artificial quartz stone polishing machine is more comprehensive, the efficiency is higher, the abrasion loss is lower. PLC programmable control system, powerful function, and through the LCD touch screen for human - machine dialogue, intelligent control.

our artificial quartz stone polishing machine structure design is reasonable, shorten the time of grinding board, raise 15% output and reduce electricity consumption by 15%. The speed of the conveyor belt, the swing speed before and after the beam, and the pressure of the lift cylinder can be adjusted according to the material of the plate and the customer's demand.

In order to satisfy the customer demand DTMJ 16/20/24-1000/1260 long automatic continuous mill can select the supporting components according to the actual needs of customers. utand artificial quartz stone polishing machine Once the luminosity reaches above 87, do not need secondary grinding.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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