artificial quartz stone polishing machine for sale

2017-02-10 09:47:21  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1843)

what is artificial quartz stone polishing machine?

artificial quartz stone polishing machine is the necessary equipment in artificial stone production line, used for polishing on the surface of the artificial quartz slab, in order to achieve the requirements of the flatness and surface luminosity, is each quartz slab processing plant factory needs to have.

Utand stone polishing machine is the optimization design of special quartz stone polishing grinding head, grinding head, double cylinder structure automatically. High efficiency, long life, return rate is low, maintenance rate and maintenance cost is low; Swinging engineering beam with casting process. Swing with double gear box helical gear reducer drive, frequency control of motor speed, smooth swing, high security.

utand artificial quartz stone polishing machine equipped with longitudinal transverse collision avoidance device, the main use PVC belt, transmission belt of cycloidal needle wheel reducer drive, variable frequency adjustable speed; Oscillating mill Numbers can be adjusted according to customer's requirement, every mill drive power all have allowance design;

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

utand artificial quartz stone polishing machine for sale

artificial quartz stone polishing machine price is affected by a lot factors, as a kind of traditional plank polishing equipment, artificial quartz stone polishing machine for sale factors mainly include the following aspects:

  • stone polishing machine production quality
  • Quality is the main factor of the artificial quartz stone polishing machine price, good machine parts is firm and durable, long service life, high precision work. Vice quality general equipment, although the price is lower, but the failure time will appear in the working process of a lot, so the client when the choice must careful.

  • polishing machine manufacturing process
  • Polishing machine of the board of different manufacturer production process is certainly not the same, some manufacturer strength is strong, has the ability to introduce the most advanced technology to produce equipment, the manufacturer in the process of production equipment must not waste of resources, so the price of the equipment must be behind the production process of manufacturer price low.

  • Market supply and demand of the equipment
  • In different countries, artificial quartz stone polishing machine's supply and demand is different, the human cost is very different. Utand stone machinery is made professional machine manufacturer in China, the equipment are of good quality and low price, welcome customers to know more about our machines;

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