stone edge polishing machine for sale

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stone edge polishing machine for sale

Now, more and more polishing machines are being used in stone processing. Different functions of polishing machine prices are also quite different, today we will introduce the stone edge polishing machine for sale.

stone edge polishing machine for sale

The main functions of the arc polishing machine: grinding straight edge, chamfering (30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees), inverted bottom angle, slotting (antiskid groove or flat groove), grinding arc, polishing (circular arc polishing, 45 degree polishing).

Stair step. Foundation line. Ladder brick.L type ceramics. Stone processing.

The function of grinding and polishing machine is used for grinding and polishing marble, granite and so on. It is not suitable for grinding and polishing of tombstones and step stones.The characteristics of the grinding and polishing machine are: receiving transmission mechanism, mechanical and electrical socket, grinding disc, spindle and flexible rubber coupling.

A balance lever type suspension system is formed into a grinding head, an armrest, an annular lever, a guide rod, a guide sleeve, a counterweight and a fulcrum button.The grinding head device is hung on the system, regardless of whether the overall height of the grinding head is offset or not, a special structural rubber coupling is adopted between the main shaft and the main shaft of the grinding wheel.

Equipment benefit: the way to accept the replacement disc is to complete all operations of rough grinding, semi fine grinding and polishing.

Before checking the equipment, the polishing machine must be in an abnormal state.

The operators of the polishing machine must wear gloves, respirators or dustproof appliances. In order to avoid silica dust, doors and windows should be closed. Permeability The installation of dust removal equipment must be perfected and practical.

General use of more glass straight edge machine, it can only grind the flat bottom edge of glass and two edges, according to the number of grinding heads, there are three, five, eight or nine, ten, thirteen, fourteen grinding head and other types. Generally speaking, the more the number of grinding heads, the higher the grinding accuracy and production efficiency, the higher the price of the corresponding machine, and the higher price of the computer controlled straight edge machine.

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

stone edge polishing machine for sale

In addition, stone edge polishing machine for sale can grind the round edges of the stone, duck's edge and so on, and use more in furniture and glass processing. Round edge machines also have three, five or six, seven or eight, nine grinding heads and other models.

There is also stone bevelling machine, commonly used for grinding glass 3~20o bevel edge. Now, some beveling machines can also be used for grinding 45 degrees beveled edges. According to the number of grinding heads, there are seven or eight, nine, ten, eleven, fourteen grinding heads and so on. In recent years, there has been a bevelling machine that can polish various kinds of wavy patterns on the glass side, called wave bevelling machine.

Grinding and polishing machine, also known as lapping machine, is used for mechanical attrition, polishing and waxing. The reason is that the motor mobilizing device is grinding the sponge or the wool to throw the CD-ROM at high speed, because the discs throwing and the light throwing agent are uniquely sensitive and the outline is stopped to stop the friction, and then it will not reach the target of removing the surface purification, oxidation layer and shallow mark. The rotational speed of the discs is usually 1500-3000 r/min, mostly for continuously variable transmission.

According to the origin of power, there are two kinds of pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic is safer than air, but needs gas source; electric demand handles power problems, but we must pay attention to using electricity safely.

According to the function, there are two kinds of single power grinding and polishing machine and simple polishing machine. The single power is used for grinding and polishing metal materials by industrial grinding and polishing. This machine is heavier, it is 2-3 kg, but things are very bumpy, not easy to destroy. The speed of this type of motor is not adjusted, so it is suitable for amateur beauty care staff.

The simple type of grinding machine is actually a drilling machine, it is small, the speed is not adjusted, and it is difficult to control the maladjustment in application. 3) according to the speed classification, there are three kinds of high speed polishing machine, medium speed polishing machine and low speed polishing machine. The speed of the high speed polishing machine is 1750-3000 r/mAn, the speed is not adjusted; the speed of the medium speed polishing machine is 1200 - 1600 r/rain, the speed is not adjusted; the speed of the low speed polishing machine is 1 200r/min, and the speed is not adjusted.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant


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