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artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

plant advantages:
artificial quartz stone plant through professional artificial stone production line to complete the production of the artificial quartz stone, comply with the market trend, the profit is fat, utand stone machinery provides the professional service!
machine advantages:
Artificial quartz stone plant core guarantee is the production line equipment, we provide the complete production line equipment, the equipment is stable and efficient, the product is high quality, the quality product qualified rate reaches more than 90%!
artificial quartz stone plant cases:
Utand construction complete artificial quartz stone plant have more than 260, our artificial quartz stone plant cases in many countries around the world, choosing our construction of artificial quartz stone plant will bring you more profit!

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artificial quartz stone plant market conditions

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

In building decoration market, natural stone with its noble, luxurious and fashionable in the world, but has its limits, because of natural stone material is a kind of mineral resources, its origin in the world is not a lot, limited output;

Secondly, natural stone has more rigidity and less strength, so it can be easily broken and destroyed, resulting in difficulties in transportation and daily maintenance. In recent years, science has discovered that some natural granite has certain radiation, which can harm human health and environment.

In order to create greater economic and social benefits, people will study the direction of the research to take advantage of alternative resources or other low-cost materials to develop artificial stone materials with low cost, artificial quartz stone plant market started to develop.

The artificial quartz plate is a kind of polyester composite material, artificial quartz stone plant which adopts low energy consumption manufacturing process and high technology. It can be produced by using existing chemical raw materials and natural crushing waste rock.

artificial quartz stone plant product

There is a growing demand for artificial quartz stone plates, and there are few artificial quartz stone plant on the market, and high prices, which are so low that they can't meet the demand of the market.

Original artificial stone production line equipment imports, artificial quartz stone plant expensive, the extension of at home and with such production equipment, artificial quartz plate has been popularized quickly, particularly in the application of large public places such as hotels, shopping malls to decorate and ark of hutch of panel and on the window sill.

artificial quartz stone plant product in the production of materials used are natural stone broken material waste, such as using low energy manufacturing and high and new technology, in the process of product configuration or production, do not use harmful compounds and additive, color difference is small, compared to the stone material ceramic rich vivid colors.

artificial quartz stone plant machine

artificial quartz stone plant most important machine is vacuum vibration noodle press machine, also called as artificial quartz stone machine, this equipment has two patents of utand stone machinery, is to generate high quality assurance of artificial quartz slab;

artificial quartz stone machine in plant to porduct artificial quartz slab neutralize density, single energy saving 15% ~ 30% , the system energy saving more than double; our artificial quartz stone plant vacuum vibration noodle press determines the size of the artificial quartz stone slab size, we can for you to customize the width 760mm-1650mm, length: 3100mm-3650mm of any size of artificial quartz slab;

  • artificial quartz stone machine
    artificial quartz stone machine

    artificial quartz stone machine simple and efficient, cost reduced by 35%,product Mohs hardness is7!
    Max processing W*L:
    Width :760~1650(mm) * Length:2440~3100(mm)
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz stone slab production line and artificial marble production line!

    artificial quartz stone plant News:

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