artificial stone production plant

2017-06-05 07:55:11  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1665)

artificial stone production plant introduce

artificial stone production plant is refers to the fully automatic line production equipment of the artificial stone , such as artificial marble and artificial quartz stone.

artificial stone production plant

artificial stone production plant mainly by artificial stone raw material ingredients system, weighing system, mixing fabric blending system, pressure molding system, heat curing system, cooling conveyor system and electric control system, etc.

The synthesis of quartzite is currently controlled by the computer precisely in the vacuum die-casting machine. In the process, the medium temperature solidifies.

According to the proportion of the need to mix different mesh packing is good, and have good temperature, initiator and paste resin in the mixture, and pumped to the pouring machine hopper, toss to combine. In pouring mouth place, use the console to control the movement of sprue gate casting speed and movement direction and cutting speed to ready mold, pouring is completed, below, to press the die by vacuum high-pressure suppression, high temperature processing, made the final grinding polishing the finished product.

Major equipment include Artificial stone mixer, artificial quartz stone machine, Stone calibration machine,artificial quartz stone curing oven and Stone Polishing Machine, etc.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

utand artificial stone production plant

utand artificial stone production plant as the demand for market development and the gradual upgrading of equipment to artificial quartzite manufacturing equipment.

utand artificial stone production line machinery have four patented technology,

  • synthetic rock vibrator bottom belt channel structure;
  • A shock absorber spring used by a synthetic rock vibrator;
  • A vacuum floor for a vibrating press;
  • A synchronous box for vibrating press;
  • utand artificial stone production machie head vibration is very uniform, boost pressure out of the plate thickness (to improve the polishing efficiency, reduces the raw materials, greatly reduces the manufacturing cost), high density, porosity, high output; Suitable for pressing super white, monochrome, fine grain, special new pattern plate etc.

    The mechanical structure is made of super thick steel plate, the hydraulic system adopts the Taiwan import machine, the vibrating motor adopts the Italian joint brand wolong. The compressor runs very smoothly and the failure rate is low.

    Automatic suppression system, simple operation.The vacuum seal section of the compressor adopts high density sealing strip, characterized by good seal, durable, easy to maintain and easy to replace.


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