Quartz Stone Press Machine

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Quartz Stone Press Machine performance

Artificial quartz stone has become a new type of material, more and more families choose it as decoration materials, quartz stone equipment status is also rising, our company independently developed Quartz Stone Press Machine with stable performance, high efficiency advantages.

Quartz Stone Press Machine

In 2009, China's artificial stone market has reached 50 billion yuan, but the share of quartz stone is only 10%.

This also shows that the quartz stone industry has a very big shortcomings, the need to introduce a number of Quartz Stone Press Machine to expand, so as to activate the market and expand the scale.

According to the statistics of the cabinet market, in the past five years, the market capacity of our country has been increasing continuously. The cabinet industry alone has 34.8 billion market space every year. At present, the quartz stone product market is similar to that of 20 years ago. Experts predict that the market will increase by 500% annually in the future.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

At the same time, the quartz stone product market is similar to that of 10 years ago, and there is also a huge market space.

Of course, quartz stone equipment is increasingly perfect, for quartz stone technology has reached a very high level, the choice of Quartz Stone Press Machine, of course, is not inefficient.

Quartz Stone Press Machine can produce the most beautiful quartz stone, quartz stone with scratch, stainless, not old and so on. Quartz stone, which contains 94% of the total, is second only to diamonds, with a hardness of 7.5, and can be damaged even if scratched by a kitchen weapon.

But the quartz stone surface as one, the kitchen acid and alkali will not produce penetration of stone, just need to scrub with clean water, if there is a surface residue, with a knife blade can be scraped.

Quartz stone is not only non-toxic, non-radiation, smooth and flat, but also non-flammable, its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees, can be completely flame-retardant. In the manufacturing process, is also used in a dense hole-free design, so that bacteria have no place to hide, but also can be directly in contact with food, safe and non-toxic.

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

Among the many advantages of quartz stone, quartz stone in hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals and other places have a very good application, in the laboratory and installation field is also very suitable, is a non-radioactive, and natural environment-friendly green new indoor specialty materials, quartz stone in the market is slowly infiltrating, almost. Walk into every family's life.

It is very necessary to choose a good Quartz Stone Press Machine manufacturer. With the promotion of quartz stone, there will inevitably be competition in the market. Choosing a good Quartz Stone Press Machine is to ensure the quality of products, but also to win the opportunity for themselves.

Even if we can not occupy the quartz stone market, we can also make certain standards for seizing the market. Preparation, after all, the strong competitiveness is the need for good weapons.

natural stone polishing machine

natural stone polishing machine

Quartz Stone Press Machine market

Quartz stone equipment is usually used in stone processing plants, and sometimes in factories not far from the stone mining site. We have the impression that quartz stone equipment is processed directly after the stone is out of the mountain. But have you heard of Quartz Stone Press Machine?

With the increasing number of human beings, more reserves of natural resources are beginning to be threatened by unprecedented threats. Many natural resources are no longer adequate. At this time, we need artificial products under high-tech technology.

Artificial quartz stone equipment is the necessary machinery for the production of artificial stone, it mainly consists of five parts, first of all, seasoning, color matching, mixing, distribution system, the second is high-frequency oscillation vacuum hot-pressing molding equipment, the third is the numerical control solidification furnace. Then the cured wool plate is thicker and polished, and finally the product is cut and packed.

single head polishing machine

single head polishing machine

Artificial quartz stone equipment and other equipment are very similar, but the advantages of Quartz Stone Press Machine is more precision and automation.

With the continuous maturity of quartz stone machinery products technology and market, the demand for artificial quartz stone slabs is increasing, which has a huge market space.

At present, the development direction of artificial quartz stone products is mainly in the kitchen countertop, toilet countertop, bar, tea table, ground and the inside and outside wall top, etc.

It will completely replace natural stone, high-grade ceramics, wood, metal decorative materials. In the kitchen cabinet industry, quartzite is becoming a new substitute product.

The proportion of ground stone decoration is increasing significantly. Because the hardness of quartz stone is very large, reaching 5-7, this brings some difficulties for quartz stone processing technology. The consumption of the whole cabinet is becoming more and more individualized, which puts forward higher requirements for the processing of cupboard countertops.

semi precious stone polishing machine

semi precious stone polishing machine

Quartz stone splicing and modeling technology content is very high, a little inattention will leave a defect, quartz stone hardness also has a higher requirement for the splicing of quartz stone.


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