semi precious stone polishing machine

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semi precious stone polishing machine for sale

semi precious stone polishing machine is mechanically polished, and the precious stone is mirror-finished to polish the surface marks to achieve the mirror polishing effect of the precious stone. After the polishing and polishing, the polishing liquid on the surface is cleaned, and the polished surface of the precious stone surface can be bright as a mirror. Effect.

semi precious stone polishing machine

semi precious stone polishing machine is provided with a plurality of protrusions on the inner wall of the hexagonal drum, which can make the beads or strips rub against the protrusions, which greatly increases the friction force, so that the polishing effect is obviously increased, and the uniformity of friction is also obviously improved.

A flexible brush strip is arranged inside both ends of the hexagonal drum. During the stirring process, the flexible brush strip swings, and the material or strips rolled to the ends of the hexagonal drum can be pushed out to prevent the retention of the material or the strip, thereby reducing the retention. Some of the materials or strips were over-polished and some were not fully polished.

semi precious stone polishing machine adopts advanced polishing technology, and the whole steel plate is used as the bottom of the barrel to ensure uniform density distribution, firm and firm operation, stable polishing effect, uniform gloss, by adding polishing sand, polishing powder and polishing wax.

quartz stone pressing line

quartz stone pressing line

The polishing material can polish the gemstone, eliminating the trouble of manual polishing. It is widely used for surface polishing of jade, crystal, stone, agate, glass, artificial stone, other stone and shell, tree fossil, hardware.

semi precious stone polishing machine character

semi precious stone polishing machine adopts imported PU glue for one-time casting molding; stable operation and fully automated operation; less waste water, low power consumption, less noise radiation, no pollution; wear resistance, acid corrosion resistance, and the working rubber surface does not fade.

semi precious stone polishing machine uses a widening grinding wheel to make the grinding process easier and faster. The dual motor and dual drive make surface grinding and stereo grinding a separate system for high durability and good quietness.

Rubber-sealed bearings are used without oiling and maintenance. The use of the most suitable higher edges and guards minimizes water splashing. And the movable guard makes the work more smooth.

Inspect the gem surface paint surface with a smooth surface as a mirror. Use a transparent paper to rub the surface back and forth. If the feeling is uneven, it means that the surface oxide layer is not completely removed. The surface of the precious stone should not be over-polished, it is impossible to regenerate.

single head polishing machine

single head polishing machine

After many times of grinding, the surface will become thinner and thinner, and its protection ability will become worse and worse, which will cause irreversible aging. After one polishing, it requires more careful and meticulous maintenance.


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