stone grinding polishing machine

stone grinding polishing machine

stone grinding polishing machine has a high degree of automation. grinding polishing machine can finish all the work of rough, medium, fine grinding and polishing at one time.
stone grinding polishing machine optimizes the structure of turntable and grinding head, which makes the machine run more stable and reliable.

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stone grinding polishing machine introduce

stone grinding polishing machine first uses rough grinding stone to roughly grind the surface impurities, because the surface of stone products is relatively rough, and when stamping, the product will have a pull.

quartz stone polishing machine

quartz stone polishing machine

stone grinding polishing machine video

Welcome to our stone grinding polishing machine work on video.

stone grinding polishing machine working process

The second step is to use fine grinding stone to fine grind the grinding marks left by coarse grinding stone. Because the surface of the product is rough and not smooth after grinding, such as diamond, which is the main component of rough grinding stone.

If the product is not repaired with fine grinding stone, it will not be smooth when polishing in the third process, and some small dead angle positions can not be thrown out. There will be black spots on the surface of the product.

stone grinding polishing machine for sale

The third step is to use a rigid ball to polish directly, and the polished product surface can achieve mirror effect. And the machine polishes the product very evenly, so it doesn't look like the product surface still has the feeling that the silk thread is not thrown through, feels comfortable.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

stone grinding polishing machine advantage

UTAND stone grinding polishing machine optimizes the structure of turntable and grinding head, making the machine more stable and reliable.No. 1-2 grinding head USES diamond abrasive to grind flat plates, and no. 3-5 grinding head USES resin abrasive to polish plates.Only need one person to operate.

Main technical parameters of UTAND stone grinding polishing machine

stone grinding polishing machine price

    Motor Power of Oil Pumping Station: 4KW

    Total power of grinding head motor: 20KW

    Number of grinding heads 5

    Quartz slab polishing line

    Quartz slab polishing line

    Production specification 300 mm, 400 mm

    Production efficiency 200 m2-350 m2/shift

    Outward Size 2000 *1750mm

    Equipment weight 45,000 KG

    Matching equipment: brick press, hoist, mixer, feeder.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

UTAND series stone grinding polishing machine uses 6 workstations, 5 grinding discs No. 1-5, conversion workstations, grinding disc rotation, water supply and so on to achieve automation. Because of its high degree of automation, the saving of labor, power, labor intensity, site and cost is obvious.

stone grinding polishing machine manufacturer

UTAND is professional stone grinding polishing machine manufacturer in China, UTAND devotes itself to the advanced technology of reducing manual investment with perfect grinding and polishing technology, so that you can achieve high efficiency with low cost. Our company will provide free test board and technical guidance, and will provide detailed test reports and perfect technical support.

stone grinding polishing machine manufacturer

stone grinding polishing machine manufacturer of us have accumulated effective methods and polishing experience in chamfering, deburring and polishing of various products. And provide perfect design, development, production, consulting, sales, installation and commissioning, spare parts supply and technical training and other omni-directional services.

single head polishing machine

single head polishing machine

In order to help enterprises to make their products more suitable and perfect in surface treatment, friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit us for guidance, visit and business negotiation. Sincerely look forward to providing you with better quality and service!

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