artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

Utand since 2005 professional artificial stone production line design, has 10 years of experience in artificial stone manufacturing process and over 100 cases of artificial quartz stone production line!
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utand Daily production capacity can be designed according to user requirements for 100㎡-1200㎡.
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artificial stone manufacturing process

artificial stone manufacturing process is first mix resin into the jar in a first even mixing two points can then put the corresponding additive colorant in stir 5 minutes into the vacuum powder and hardener stir evenly around 20 points, the slurry mixture to the prepared like the glass (in advance on the glass if samsung wax or ordinary floor wax can also called release agent) in 20 points products after curing, sheet at this time of the natural formation of the hardness is 70% without after curing (that is, in the constant temperature within the space between 50 and 80 degrees for 3 to 6 hours) need seven days completely reached 100% hardness,the artificial stone without after curing, target boards require prior in the warehouse waiting for sales to the production of a lot of plate after curing to prevent deformation.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

artificial stone product color appearance mainly by grasping accurate add paste. Paste the said before, it is best to 1% concentration of diluted with styrene thin paste seal, set aside. This can one hundred times higher than that of weigh and paste directly to accuracy. The most reasonable mixing sequence is: + paste resin + accelerator stirring + curing agent + packing stirring.

artificial stone manufacturing Molding process, sanding board to avoid sunlight (uv) radiation. Same color board, curing agent and promoter of the inputs to the same, stirring time should also be the same after the curing agent, vacuumizing time will be the same.

Big one-time stir dozens of material mixing bowl, every time before discharge, to mix a few turn again properly. Reason is that in an hour or so, there will be a big stir jar slight proportion imbalance between up-down material (precipitation). Because, possible in large parts of the drum to mix powder and granule, the parts of the paste and resin in the mixture. this is artificial stone manufacturing process!

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