artificial quartz pressing machine

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What is artificial quartz pressing machine?

artificial quartz pressure machine (full name: artificial quartz vacuum vibration molding pressing machine), is a key equipment in the production of artificial quartz plate, straight through the air in the form of a pressure vibration close-grained quartz plate blank, after curing, polishing and cutting into standard specifications of the artificial quartz plate. This machine mainly consists of three parts: chassis, Round box, and press head. Work is divided into four systems: the hydraulic system, vacuum system, vibration system, belt conveyor system.

artificial quartz pressing machine

artificial quartz pressing machine

artificial quartz pressing machine working principle

The artificial quartz pressing machine belongs to pressure molding system of Artificial quartz stone production line, with pressure to molding quartz. Applicable to suppress high density quartz stone. artificial quartz pressing machine working principle is: commonly pressurized cylinder head pressure to raw materials, pressure head and oscillators driven pressure head with high-frequency vibration, at the same time regularly pressurized cylinder pressure, and density of the slab is obtained. Quartz compressor guarantee in the process of crushing quartz stone, head is always maintained a strong downward force, effectively reduce the resin content of quartz stone, reduces the manufacturing cost, artificial stone press mainly by mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and fully automatic control part, quartz, compressor to ensure quartz stone slab under the environment of high vacuum and high frequency vibration form quickly.

Finished product the thickness of the plate can be changed from 8 mm to 30 mm, in changing the thickness of the product at the same time without changing the mold, easy to use; Depending on the thickness of the plate vibration time can be set in a random, vibration time in commonly 1.5 3.5 minutes.

artificial quartz pressing machine for sale

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