engineered stone manufacturing process

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engineered stone manufacturing process ?

engineered stone manufacturing process adopts integral structure, high mixing precision, engineered stone machinery factory, excess stock less, easy to clean no dust flying, mixing with no blind area rate, occupies less space, which makes the stirring speed, uniformity degree is higher.

engineered stone manufacturing process

The engineered stone manufacturing equipment high when the project is also equipped with belt type charging machine, cloth uniform, high efficiency, low resin characteristic can be design and color cloth, in cloth production all contact with the material material adopt non-polluting materials, which can effectively eliminate pollution, cloth machine adopts special design, guarantee the original mix design and color is not damaged (flowers).

Quartz the domestic and international high tip technology in the production, in numerous stone full stone more stand the test of time, both inside and outside, stone solid, is other stone material cannot compare. Quartz, as a new green pollution-free building decoration materials, has been more and more used in the decoration profession, has further instead of natural stone, artificial engineered stone the trend of ceramic tile.

For environmental requirements of building materials is higher, artificial engineered stone is preferred, quartz, price compared to other stone material cost is a little higher, and it can prevent the development of quartz, the scope of is being applied more widely.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

utand engineered stone manufacturing process

utand engineered stone manufacturing process has good dustproof, low working noise, efficient energy saving, automatic computer control, simple operation.Our company produces the quartz stone production line more efficiently, the uniformity of the plank is better, the design and color is more diversified, the quality is good.

If the surface of the mesa is a bare light, use 400-600 pieces of sandpaper to grind until the scar is gone, and then the detergent and a hundred clean cloth will return to the original.

If mesa finish is mirror, with 800-1200 mesh sand first, and then use the polishing wax and wool polishing laps in a 1500-2000 RPM speed polishing machine polishing, again with a clean cotton cloth clean the table. Fine small white marks with cooking oil and dry dishcloth.


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