stone turnover machine suppliers

2017-10-07 10:07:14  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1850)

stone turnover machine introduce

stone turnover machine is a common equipment used to turn the stone board for 180 degrees, which can be more convenient to carry out deep processing of the board and improve the production efficiency and safety.

stone turnover machine suppliers

stone turnover machine use The turnover plate and die are fixed in the middle of the flip table. After clamping, the whole 180o rotation method is adopted to separate the plate from the mold, place it on the top of the tray, and step out of the way.

utand stone turnover machine Adopt pneumatic pressure plate device, fixed plate, working width (mm) : 1650x3300, the 180 degree round turning device adopts the driving roller bar automatic transmission sheet, stepless speed regulation transmission and the use of galvanized water pipe rod conveying plate. For more details, please refer to another piece of our news, 180 degrees stone turnover machine

180 degrees stone turnover machine is the necessary equipment in artificial quartz production, although has no impact on the quality of plate, but he can greatly improve the efficiency of the whole production line operation, enhances the working efficiency of the workers, very cheap, if the client area of the human cost is very high, we are advising clients to choose stone turnover machine.

stone turnover machine suppliers of utand

stone turnover machine suppliers of utand is a professional artificial stone production line equipment, which is customized to the production line plate model, which is quartz slab machine and more portable, more efficient, and more energy saving and lower cost.

stone turnover machine suppliers of utand driven by the driving device, the material plate is flipped to achieve the purpose of saving time and energy.Main components: machine, socket, driving device, suction panel device, push plate device, flip device, conveyor and push device, Security measures: inductive auto-stop switch, excellent: the device has the advantages of fast turning speed, high efficiency and stability.

stone turnover machine suppliers of utand has developed a collection of professional research and development, production and manufacturing, product sales of high-quality team, in mechanical design, parts processing, manufacturing, equipment installation and debugging and so on knowledge accumulated rich experience.

stone turnover machine

stone turnover machine

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