stone waxing machine for sale

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stone waxing machine introduce

stone waxing machine is also cell stone anti-fouling wax machine, is a kind of equipment for coating the surface of artificial stone board with anti-fouling wax, which has a strong effect on anti-fouling.

stone waxing machine for sale

stone waxing machine can evenly applied for surface of the artificial stone plate . The operation is simple, instantly let you feel the different feeling. This machine has variable frequency, the transmission speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the drop wax speed can also be adjusted. Power 5.5 KW. Can solve the problem of artificial wax inhomogeneity.

stone waxing machine easy to use, good adaptability to the antifouling fluid, adopt wool polishing wheel polishing abrasive tool, make the whole plate coating more uniform, the texture is more thorough, the brick face texture more stereo feeling.

stone waxing machine for sale Low processing cost, low consumption of mold materials and antifouling fluid. Low energy consumption, the transmission assembly adopts small power motor polishing process, reduce energy consumption.

quartz waxing machine

quartz waxing machine

stone waxing machine for sale from china

utand stone waxing machine for sale from china is the artificial SLATE surface needs to be polished and polished, utand artificial stone waxing machine polished artificial slates, and bright quartzite 10 tons of premixed machine, which has been widely recognized by the industry. It is free to install and debug the equipment

utand stone waxing machine Maximum machining length 3000mm , The maximum machining width is 90 mm, The type 120 1200 mm, The type 180 1800 mm, Main motor power 15Kw,Total power 17.25 Kw, The grinding disc has a range of 120mm

our stone waxing machine "Double head" stone slab mill, Efficient stone thicknessing machine leader - the "double" stone slab thicknessing machine, break through the traditional stone thicknessing machine design concept, with double thick plate, respectively to coarse grinding, fine grinding of stone plates, stone slab mobile used conveyor belt transmission Quartz, two processing one-time finish, make stone thicknessing efficiency than traditional stone thicknessing machine more than doubled, stone thicknessing effect have a qualitative leap!


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