Double head stone calibration machine

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Double head stone calibration machine introduce

Double Head stone calibration machine is used for the leveling of the board of stone slab, can grind the plank once, the conveyor belt is transmitted, the automation efficiency is high. Based on a roll, flat or double thick plate, respectively to coarse grinding, fine grinding of stone plate, stone slab mobile used conveyor belt transmission, processing one-time finish.

Double Head stone calibration machine also can be used as quartz production special thicknessing machine, it is on the basis of traditional stone material processing equipment according to the characteristics of quartz, improved, and the uniform thickness of quartz products after processing, good flatness, high brightness..

Double head stone calibration machine

utand double head stone calibration machine thickness of the stone is made by using two fixed thickness plates. The plate movement adopts the conveyor belt transmission, the two processing technology is completed at one time, the efficiency of the fixed thickness is greatly raised. The high yield can reach 30 square meters per hour.

Double head stone calibration machine manufacturer

Utand stone machinery is a professional Double head stone calibration machine manufacturer, our Double head stone calibration machine is chosen by more than 1000 stone processing plants, it is the first brand of Chinese stone machinery.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

Utand Double head stone calibration machine is specially designed for the use of artificial stone production line. Our calibration machine can be used as a special conveyor frame. The power can be added or decreased according to the requirement (the motor is selected by the customer)!

Utand Double head stone calibration machine use the nature of the steel structure, board face transmission USES the speed regulating import conveyor belt transmission device, has good stability, reasonable structure, high precision, simple operation, effectively improve the work efficiency, convenient maintenance, etc.

Double head stone calibration machine conveyor belt and swing beam adopts frequency control of motor speed, grinding head with double board structure in order to increase stability, each grinding head lift microcomputer technology, to achieve precise adjustment of the slab cutting quantity.

The double header calibration machine is controlled by frequency conversion, conveyer belt is used to transport the stone material, suitable for production line. Various specifications board, marble, granite, composite panels, man-made board, such as thick and polishing, the series of thicknessing machine Lord axle box, motor adopt symmetrical design, high stability. Processed plate thickness, smooth surface, an automatic polishing process before, it can adjust height of grinding head, in accordance with the requirements of processing a uniform thickness of various kinds of stone products.


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