artificial quartz stone production line of common problems and solutions

2017-03-22 09:15:46  By:Utand Stone Machinery (2231)

artificial quartz stone production line of Common problems

In the production process of quartz stone quartz stone production line, due to improper operation, will produce a variety of defects such as deformation, cracking and fading, discoloration, dough, watermark, pinhole, porosity, impurity etc.. How to avoid these defects, reduce the cost of waste, utand stone machnery summed up the following experience:

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

  • artificial quartz stone slab deformation:
  • Is mainly composed of formula, curing method, curing is sufficient, semi-finished / finished product storage method is appropriate.

    The solution is as follows: 1) to develop a reasonable formula structure, the use of a reasonable curing methods and accurate curing methods such as the two curing technology, so that the plate movement in the upper and lower heating, fully heated. 2, according to the quality of resin and choose a reasonable storage method.

  • artificial quartz stone slab Discoloration:
  • Discoloration is mainly related to the properties of resin, pigment and curing agent.

    The solution is as follows: 1) the resin with good stability. 2) the heat curing agent is used to ensure that the curing agent can fully react with no residue in the heating process. 3) inorganic pigment, good weather resistance.

  • artificial quartz stone production line make stomata:
  • Air is divided into two categories, one is a small pinhole, usually because the vacuum degree is not up to -0.1MPa, and the formula in resin content is too high; two is the hole irregular large, usually because the formula structure is not reasonable, the cloth is not uniform, press is not dense, uneven stress caused by cloth.

    The method is: to prevent the vacuum equipment well, using special vacuum pump oil and do good maintenance; two is a better sealing compressor and pipeline compressor, vacuum chamber is smaller; three is to develop a good formula structure; the four is to have good molding equipment and mature production the process and operating procedures.

  • Watermark for artificial quartz stone production line:
  • The appearance of the watermark is caused by the uneven distribution of the color agent used in the plate during the pressing process. But the pressure and vibration powerful press, under the control of the mature production process, can be very good to prevent this problem.

  • Wear mark for artificial quartz stone production line:
  • Wear marks are the most common problem, especially in the dark plate, solid color board. The special grinding block can be used to reduce or eliminate the dark mark. According to the color of the plate and the different particles, the reasonable polishing speed is selected.

    artificial quartz stone production line of solutions

    artificial stone production line

    artificial stone production line


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