stone polishing machine china

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stone polishing machine china introduce

stone polishing machine of china Use abrasive materials, water and friction to erode stones, Through a mechanical process, it imitates nature's water to erode stone.

stone polishing machine china

stone polishing machine of china is natural finish, The polishing of the stone does the same work in a more controllable way,The performance is very good and the price is reasonable.

china stone polishing machine have two main types of mechanical stone grinders that rotate and vibrate. The rotary polisher is polished, the edge of the current decline, and the vibratory polishing machine grinds. In the vibrating class of ultrasonic polishing stone, this is the equipment used by a jeweler, cleaning jewelry.

In order to let the shine shine, the polishing powder is used at one point in polishing. Titanium dioxide, cerium oxide and tin oxide are used in the three main types of grinding of stone polishing machines.

stone polishing machine china abrasive materials used in stone polishing are of various levels of silicon carbide sand and silica sand. The various roughness levels used during the polishing process during different times.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

utand stone polishing machine of china

utand stone polishing machine of china is type of rotary stone grinders: rotating stone grinders will be used horizontally against the rock to become a smooth shape.

The polishing machine drum slowly rotates the abrasive material and the stone rubbing against each other. Why the barrel spins slowly is because the rock can flip the other side and carry the gravel. This makes the distribution of sand grains more uniform. The rocks also hold the sides of the barrel and then "roll" over each other.

utand stone polishing machine of china friction wears down the stone to add to the rotation of the stone to grind the stone to use four steps. First, create a coarse gravel stone, and the second, finer grit remains the odd and nicked shape, and third, silicon sand, to get more of the smooth finish of the finished product. Step 4 use nail polish instead of gravel, sometimes using plastic particles to reduce the stone and spread the polish. As a whole, a month needs to complete all the steps.

utand stone polishing machine of china complete the polishing and polishing process by CNC control system;

utand stone polishing machine can be very convenient to carry out human-computer dialogue by observing the grinding head rising, descending, swinging bridge and conveyor belt. This machine can be used to send various instructions, parameters, and operation to the machine. Automatic fault diagnosis function; Can automatically record the production output of the shift;

The monitor of utand stone polishing machine can observe the end of the consumption in the work, remind the operator to replace timely; By operating the keyboard can choose swing bridge operation mode, grinding head lifting height. The operator can according to specific conditions through the keyboard to select the most reasonable grinding stone material surface polishing mode, make the surface polishing quality best;


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