solid surface sanding machine

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solid surface sanding machine for sale

solid surface sanding machine is the mechanical equipment used to finish sanding work. After polishing with solid surface sanding machine, the solid surface becomes smoother and smoother.

solid surface sanding machine

solid surface sanding machine removes some uneven, non-uniform and non-conforming solid surface wool boards by physical removal methods such as abrasive cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, cleaning cloth and non-woven polishing wheel to make them more smooth and uniform in thickness.

During the operation of solid surface sanding machine, the grinding disc, grinding wheel, abrasive belt and polishing wheel are likely to burst and burst at any time, and the corresponding protective equipment such as glasses and helmet masks must be worn during operation.

solid surface sanding machine has the characteristics of simple operation, high automation, high production efficiency, mature and stable technology, perfect matching and so on. It can be perfectly docked with automatic production line to form various solid surface automatic production lines.

Ordinary solid surface sanding machine has smaller configuration power, lighter frame, smaller size and lighter weight, smaller grinding force of sand roll, easy damage caused by overload operation, but lower price. It is suitable for small-scale production and use.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

Heavy-duty solid surface sanding machine has larger configuration power, heavy frame, large and heavy model, large grinding force of sanding roll, strong and durable, but the price is about 30% higher than that of ordinary model, which is suitable for large-scale production and use.

solid surface sanding machine character

solid surface sanding machine has a lot of dust in the environment. The equipment should be specially designed so that it can run steadily without being affected.

The equipment of solid surface sanding machine is precise but the operator's quality is low. The operation adjustment of the equipment should be designed as simple and intuitive as possible, and the operation should train specialists.

solid surface sanding machine abrasive beltis easy to deviate, the control of abrasive belt system should be stable, and the protection of abrasive belt and brake system should be reliable.

solid surface sanding machine thickness is not uniform, and the lifting system of worktable is stable.

solid surface sanding machine has a long use time but poor maintenance. It is necessary to strengthen maintenance regularly to prolong service life.

If one of the broken belts on the same pulley needs to be replaced, it is necessary to replace the other belts hanging on the same pulley at the same time. Even second-hand solid surface sanding machine is a very expensive thing, whether for individuals or companies, this is not a small item, so peacetime maintenance and maintenance must keep up with.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery


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