granite slab polishing machine for sale

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granite slab polishing machine introduce

Granite slab machine for sale in China is a good market prospect, and now the stone mill is mainly used in granite plate polishing machine to improve work efficiency and product quality, granite slab machine for sales situation is very hot.

granite slab polishing machine for sale

granite slab polishing machine is a multi-functional machine equipment which can quickly complete the surface, floor, flooring, leveling, polishing and polishing of granite stone board. Mechanical features:

There is a classic fixed high and low speed (no frequency conversion, rough grinding, fine grinding disc torque, grinding force stability).

granite slab polishing machine can be flexibly changed in size of two grinding disks, and the weight is enough (the grinding pressure is enough) to suit the requirements of different construction processes such as stone and floor.

The front of the CNC granite polishing machine can be disassembled and flexible to operate the hand handle, suitable for the foot side and large area grinding, the grinding disc can be polished at zero distance.

Suitable for various natural and artificial stone floors, granite slab polishing machine for sale Epoxy floor, cement floor; Epoxy terrazzo, epoxy emery floor leveling, grinding, slag cleaning, cleaning and other construction process requirements.

granite polishing machine sales flexible abrasive disk adapter, ordinary, equipped with the size of two mill (requirements) of different construction technology, mill can fit all kinds of paste type, card into the type circular, horseshoe grinding, grinding, automatic assembly line overall mill (4 inch \ 8 10 inches), bowl mill such as diamond grinding wheel abrasive diversity.

The front electric lifting device is the most humanized and can meet the pressure requirements of the grinding disc in different construction processes. granite slab polishing machine for sale in china is Professional manufacturer of utand stone mahinery.

granite Slab polishing machine

granite Slab polishing machine

Rear vertical force machine horizontal grinding and adjusting device to ensure horizontal abrasion of machine level and grinding block.

granite slab polishing machine for sale of utand high security: 24V low voltage power supply is adopted for the starting, stopping and lifting of the front-end lifting system. Working motor overload and leakage protection device for granite polishing machine.

granite slab polishing machine for sale

utand granite slab polishing machine for sale stable transmission, the fuselage is equipped with gear transmission gearbox, can hang two gears, the motor power 100%, greatly enhanced when low speed rotation shaft torque force, stone polishing equipment for the polishing process of different ground and different needs of the polishing process, thus improve the grinding, polishing effect.

our aoto granite slab polishing machinery for sale The weight is sufficient and the grinding disc is under great pressure: the machine weighs up to 250kg, and the grinding disc is compressed to more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polishing brick, epoxy quartzite, epoxy floor, cement ground) and low hardness (marble, artificial marble) are suitable for the ground.

Humanized design of utand granite polishing machine: front electric lifting device. The rear vertical force machine horizontal adjustment device enables each point on the grinder to be evenly applied to grinding, and the grinding chip (block) horizontal loss. Removable portable armrest, easy to operate.

granite slab polishing machine buffer damping device: between the output axis of rotation and mill is equipped with compression spring, mill grinding with big mouth or high and low cut at ordinary times, the machine will be a hit from a large, at this time, the spring will have vibration and buffer, can keep the steady grinding machine, thus reducing the labor intensity of operation mechanic.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

granite slab polishing machine sales Movable support hand design: in large area construction, the operator can operate the machine easily with the help of the hand, and can remove the holding hand operation when grinding to the corner position.


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