Artificial quartz stone application characteristics

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artificial quartz stone application introduce

Artificial quartz stone (also called "artificial marble"), is a new kind of composite material, with unsaturated polyester resin and filler, pigment mixing, add a small amount of initiator, through a certain process. In the process of manufacturing, it can be made with different colors to make a product with colorful and glossy jade like natural marble.

Artificial quartz stone application

Because of Artificial quartz stone non-toxic, non-radioactive, flame retardancy, non-stick oil, cyan permeability, antibacterial, mouldproof, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, and the advantages of joining together seamlessly, arbitrary shape, decorate building materials is gradually becoming the darling of the market.

Artificial quartz stone is a composite material which mainly contains silica, with resin and pigment under vacuum conditions, which are synthesized by high temperature and high pressure.more about artificial stone production line

Artificial quartz stone application is used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartz, excellent performance, greatly increased the hardness of artificial stone, strength, wear resistance, in use process not easy scratching, and resistance to acid and alkali, high temperature resistant, impact resistant ability was further improved.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial quartz stone application characteristics

Price: Artificial quartz stone is generally more expensive than other artificial stone.

1. Compared with artificial stone, Artificial quartz stone is more expensive for processing equipment, less factory and more expensive. Quartz, basically all 2, a little bit better in other place, product lines are: supplier - > regional agent -- -- > ambry factory > terminal customers, and man-made stone is: supplier -- -- > ambry factory > terminal customers, quartz, one more link, the price will be more expensive. 3. It is not so old for new things or for artificial stone The price is not too transparent, and many businesses give customers more price.

Practical: Artificial quartz stone is better.

In specific use, artificial stone hardly needs more maintenance, but artificial stone needs protective use. On the surface of a piece of time: 1. The performance of artificial stone: there are a lot of fine knife marks on the table, slightly greasy dirt and some shallow discoloration. 2, quartz: there will be some black marks on quartz countertops, but the use of special quartz sand paper can quickly erase (quartz, hardness is harder than tool because it is over, the trace traces on the surface of the steel in quartz), there will be no other problems.


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