Cnc machine for quartz stone

Cnc machine for quartz stone

Cnc quartz stone machine advantages:
Cnc machine for artificial quartz stone not only greatly improve the operating efficiency of artificial quartz production line, but also greatly improve the yield of the production of quartz plate, save raw materials, improve the artificial quartz plate hardness and wear resistance, is comprised of choice for quartz stone manufacturers!
Production Capacity:
Width: 600 ~ 1850mm, length: 1400 ~ 4850mm;
8 hours per day produce :100 ~ 1000
Cases Advantages:
Utand Automatic Cnc machine for quartz stone has Production efficiency and product quality is high, artificial quartz stone market demand is very huge . our success has been used in more than 100 factories, brought in big profits for our customers!

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Cnc machine for quartz stone video

Our Cnc machine for quartz stone by use in many countries factories on around the world, Welcome to our factory. We will show you the work of our artificial stone equipment!!

utand cnc machine for quartz stone

utand cnc machine for quartz stone Adopting air pressure method, it is effective to avoid uneven pressure and high defect rate, make CNC production line machine for quartz stone more reasonable and improve the production efficiency of the product.

In addition, our main parts are made of cast steel quality, greatly improve the service life, and effectively solve the imbalance of the artificial quartz plate density, hardness is not high, has the problem such as porosity.

    Cnc artificial quartz stone machine

    Utand Cnc artificial quartz stone machine is also cell artificial quartz stone press machine, is invention made equipment special for accompanied by artificial quartz slab demand more and more, quartz stone press machine is core machine of artificial stone production line.

  • artificial quartz stone machine
    artificial quartz stone machine

    artificial quartz stone machine simple and efficient, cost reduced by 35%,product Mohs hardness is7!
    Max processing W*L:
    Width :760~1650(mm) * Length:2440~3100(mm)
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz stone slab production line and artificial marble production line!

  • automatic Stone Polishing Machine

    utand automatic Stone Polishing Machine Contains a single head bridge polishing machine and multi-heads (9, 16, 20) polishing machine, both of them is CNC automatic polishing equipment, product quality is stable, the price is reasonable, is manufacturer of stone material like high quality product!

  • automatic Stone Polishing Machine
    automatic Stone Polishing Machine

    automatic Stone Polishing Machine is the most advanced product of stone industry upgraded,Suitable for nonmetal sheet grinding and polishing, high brightness, low operating cost!
    150-300 square meter per 8hours
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz slab, artificial marble slab and more grinding stone slabs!

  • Cnc stone cutting machine

    utand cnc stone cutting machine is controlled with PLC controlling system. reliable function, precise cutting and easy operation! Technology of utand CNC cutting machine performance overall level has reached the international advanced level, meet the needs of users, has realized the automation, multifunction and high reliability, improve the production efficiency of nc cutter and cutting quality, reduce production cost, enhance the automation level and the stability of the system, perfect the system function has become the developing direction of the technology.

  • Cnc stone cutting machine
    Cnc stone cutting machine

    This cnc stone cutting machine is controlled with PLC controlling system. reliable function, precise cutting and easy operation!
    Maximum diameter of disc:
    2600 (mm)
    Applied material:
    granite,quartzite,marble,slate,sandstone and artificial quartz,Artificial Marblewait for all sorts of natural stone and Artificial stone!

    Cnc machine for quartz stone news:

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    artificial quartz stone making machine is the most important equipment in Artificial quartz slab production line. its directly determines the density and quality of artificial stone products.

  • cnc quartz cutting machine

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    Artificial quartz cutting machine is a special quartz cutting equipment, is a kind of the cutting knife group, stone conveying, positioning guide plate and frame composed of multiple blade multistage stone cutting machine.

  • China artificial quartz stone production line

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    China artificial quartz stone production line the density is the key to the excitation power, vibration frequency and vibration force displacement three elements, its forming effect also depends on the adjustment of vibration force thickness uniform regulation performance of the machine.

  • artificial stone manufacturing equipment

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    artificial stone manufacturing equipment is dedicated to manufacture artificial stone of machine, now often say that the equipment is mainly refers to the equipment for producing artificial quartz stone

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    Artificial quartz machinery is the general term for the mechanical equipment used to produce the artificial quartz stone, which usually refers to the production line of the artificial quartz stone equipment

  • Cnc stone cutting machine for sale

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    cnc Stone cutting machine is also called stone cutting equipment, which is composed of cutting tool group, cnc stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame.

  • cnc stone polishing machine

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    cnc stone polishing machine is controlled by CNC system to control the polishing machine produced by stone polishing machine. cnc stone polishing machine not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves a lot of manpower, and the polishing quality is higher.

  • cnc stone polishing machine market

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    cnc stone polishing machine market is very hot now. China's cnc stone polishing machine high quality machine has brought huge returns to the stone production plant, utand stone polishing machine has higher work efficiency and quality of work, and the automation degree of CNC system is very high

  • cnc engineered stone machinery for sale

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    We say that a good cnc engineered stone machinery is a result of comprehensive evaluation from many aspects. Our cnc engineered stone machinery for sale has beautiful appearance, high productivity, stable performance and long service life


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