China artificial quartz stone production line

2017-03-08 08:27:04  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1614)

The development of artificial quartz stone production line

artificial quartz stone also known as synthetic quartz stone, is a kind of the siliceous stone granule and powder as raw material, with less binder and pigment, the aggregate, stirring, mixing, cloth, vacuum, vibration, compression and other process to complete the sheet forming, then through the thermal curing - a thick, opposite thicknessing, grinding, cutting and other machining process quartz stone mesa adornment material.

In recent years, the artificial marble price decline and artificial quartz faster heating up under the market demand, the development of quartz, sheet molding equipment objectively become the agitation of stone industry.

China artificial quartz stone production line development in recent 20 years, characterized by its high hardness and the rapid development and has certain development potential of high-grade decorative products. Would like are derived using the same resin for high compactness of the forming technology and improve its principle and structure of sheet forming machine, is the need to overcome two technical problems.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

artificial quartz stone production line of utand stone machinery

China artificial quartz stone production line the density is the key to the excitation power, vibration frequency and vibration force displacement three elements, its forming effect also depends on the adjustment of vibration force thickness uniform regulation performance of the machine.

artificial quartz stone production line described the electromagnetic vibration makes the flow of the half wave linear vibration of the electromagnet with compression spring and in its multiple electromagnet flow and the exciting force, in turn, displacement of sheet forming device. In regulating voltage, frequency, power factor and a single vibration force to adjust the integrated control of China, fully make the function of its forming and the effect is far more than the level of mechanical vibration.

China artificial quartz stone production line Tuning method developed in the same electromagnetic power exponentially increase under its special electromagnet electromagnetic attraction, is also the value of r&d project, artificial quartz forming is a kind of stone reengineering process, including the look and feel of the managed to close to the natural stone, molding of magnetization, reduce the cost of equipment and the production cost and can raise the problem such as nature has an important influence on the development of its own.


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