solid surface production equipment

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solid surface production equipment for sale

solid surface production equipment is a production line used to produce solid surface stone. The quality of solid surface stone is closely related to production equipment, raw materials and process formulation.

solid surface production equipment

solid surface production equipment customized on-site solid fabrics between the various layers of the structure of the bond is tight and firm, will not be deformed, long service life.

solid surface production equipment determines the quality of the finished products. In recent years, the application of solid surface stone is more and more extensive, and more and more manufacturers of solid surface production equipment, which puts forward higher requirements for solid surface production equipment.

solid surface production equipment specifications and models are different,and the specifications of solid surface stone produced are also different, which involves the selection of solid surface production equipment. Therefore, when purchasing solid surface production equipment, we need to determine in advance the size of solid surface stone to be produced in the future, and then select specific solid surface production equipment.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

solid surface production equipment introduce

solid surface stone for more than a decade has formed annual production and sales of billions of yuan of emerging industries, the development efficiency, but is not optimistic, the main reason is the different production methods, solid surface production equipment, process lead to product quality the good and bad are intermingled, after several years of use good quality products are still practical and beautiful, poor product only in a few months namely, deformation, discoloration, cracks, the problem such as blister, fadeaway, lose luster, had a bad impression to users.

The so-called solid surface material refers to the solid material without any small bubbles in the product, which is high density solid material on the surface and has excellent physical and chemical properties.

If the purpose of removing the bubbles in the product cannot be achieved in the production, the product cannot be called solid surface material, and the quality cannot be said naturally.There are three technical problems which cannot be solved in terms of natural temperature solidification or equipment temperature-solidification process of vacuum mixer which is widely used in China at present.

Cnc machine for quartz stone

Cnc machine for quartz stone

UTAND stone machinery is a company specializing in the production of solid surface production equipment. Our solid surface production equipment is exported to various countries. We provide technical support, installation services, product formulation. Welcome to visit our company.


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