how choose artificial quartz stone production line machinery?

2016-10-15 13:14:42  By:Utand Stone Machinery (2677)

artificial quartz stone production line specializing in the production of synthetic quartz plate, mainly by raw material ingredients system, weighing system, mixing fabric blending system, pressure molding system, heat curing system, cooling conveyor system and electric control system, etc.

Each part of the production line is need professional machines, so, how to choose these machines is met a lot of people have a headache problem, the following utand stone machinery tell you how to choose artificial quartz stone production line machinery:

how choose artificial quartz stone production line machinery

First, you need to choose according to the requirements of various system corresponding to the machine:

  • Batching machine: mixing uniformity, good design and color is diversiform, high efficiency.
  •  Cloth machine: high density, good quality.
  •  Press: rapid forming technology.
  •  Curing furnace, rapid hardening, overcome the deformation.
  •  Dry polishing line: using dry polishing technology, full automatic intelligent.
  •  Controller: adopting PLC touch screen, fully automated production.
  • Second, choose to have the actual project of well-known manufacturers products Artificial quartz machine manufacturers now very much, why people would choose utand? Here's why:

    hight quality of the product

    artificial quartz stone production line machinery

    Comparing with other manufacturers of equipment, utand artificial quartz stone production line very good quality, from the work of equipment these aspects can complete,utand machinery in the manufacturing process of equipment, its chassis for the reasonable design, especially in the aspect of material selection and the selection of core parts more seriously, so the utand machine equipment quality guaranteed, it is easier to meet the actual needs of customers.

    Perfect services

    Perfect service is the premise of the broad masses of customers to choose artificial quartz stone production line machinery, we have the most professional services, which can provide users with the most thoughtful, the most comprehensive, the most perfect service, especially in after-sales service can not only reflect the comprehensive strength of the utand stone machinery, to extend the service life of equipment at the same time also has a lot of help.

    The price is reasonable

    utand artificial quartz stone production line machinery is the most reasonable prices, because the price is instability, so we on the factors affecting the price of the reasonable analysis and summary, we obey the rules of the market and industry, formulated in accordance with "the price management plan" travel of the industry's most competitive prices.


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